Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Rick and Morty Season 2 Soundtrack

Release DateOctober 4, 2015
ComposersRyan Elder
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Unofficial Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by 
PlatformsSeries, Cartoon
ProductsRick and Morty


01. Rick and Morty Opening
02. The Enigma Of Copyright
03. Oh Boy! Here I Go Killing Again
04. Goodbye Moonmen
05. Goodbye Moonmen (Instrumental)
06. Blips & Chitz
07. Love Connection Experience
08. Snowballing
09. Do You Feel It?
10. Summer and Tinkles Song
11. Summer and Tinkles Song (Instrumental)
12. Memories
13. Get Schwifty
14. Get Schwifty (Instrumental)
15. Planet Music
16. Head Bent Over
17. Head Bent Over (Instrumental)
18. The Adventures of Stealy
19. Today’s Stolen Items!
20. I’m a Tax Attorney
21. Lil’ Bits
22. Plumbuses, How They Do It
23. Feels Good
24. Hurt

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