Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Castlevania Music From The Original Series

Release DateJul 07, 2017
ComposersTrevor Morris, Trey Toy
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byLakeshore
PlatformsAnime, Series


01Main Title1:11
02Wallachia 14551:24
03Lisa of Lupu1:24
04The True Science2:21
05Vlad Searches for Lisa1:16
06No More Do I Travel as a Man1:57
07There Are No Innocents0:53
08Hordes Descend On Targoviste2:18
09Murdenu Tavern1:30
10Tavern Brawl1:43
11Bloody Greist3:15
12Bit of Dried Goat2:16
13Alley Fight1:52
14We Can’t Turn Away4:56
15Trevor Fights the Cyclops2:29
16War for The Soul of Our People1:51
17Twilight Descends1:21
18I’m Trevor Belmont1:00
19Trevor Fights the Mob2:20
20Let Me Kiss You3:12
21I Fight for Myself3:15
22Night Hordes Besiege Gresit1:44
23There’s an Army of Us2:16
24Trevor and Sypha in The Catacombs2:21
25Alucard Rises3:53
26Trevor Fights Alucard2:43
27Hunter, Scholar, Soldier1:56

Disc length 58:37


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