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ONE PIECE The Movie Omatsuri Danshaku To Himitsu No Shima Soundtrack

ONE PIECE Baron Omatsuri and Secret Island SOUND TRACK

Release DateMar 02, 2005
ComposersKohei Tanaka, IMAGINE PROJECT (Minoru Maruo, Kazuhiko Sawaguchi)
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byavex mode (distributed by avex distribution)
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsONE PIECE Baron Omatsuri and Secret Island


01Resort Island2:06
02Baron Omatsuri Appears1:55
03Let’s Goldfish Catch!1:21
04Master Usopp!0:45
05Fish!! The Giant Goldfish, Rosario3:10
07Let’s Ring Toss!3:29
08Floating Fire Battle1:05
09Choco-maka Chase0:40
10Be Careful1:16
11Open the Rescue Box!3:16
12Zoro VS Kerojii3:13
13Behold! The Magnificent Dinner Party1:19
14Let’s Iron Griddle!0:22
15Sanji VS Kotetsu2:10
16Nami and Muchi2:18
17That’s a Flower!2:42
18The Straw Hats, Destroyed1:16
19Let’s Shooting!…No One’s Laughing!1:46
20The Green Terror2:42
21Trembling in Fear0:49
22Thoughts Don’t Reach Far Enough2:20
23I’m Here With You Too1:26
24I’ll Never Let You Hurt My Nakama!!!1:16
25Deul that Defies Description2:12
26First Binding Arrow1:21
27Every Kind Person is a Hero1:25

Disc length 48:42

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