Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

One Piece Stampede Original Soundtrack

Release DateOct 30, 2019
ComposersKohei Tanaka
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byavex pictures
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsOne Piece


01The Beginning of the Worst Ambitions0:49
02Theme of the Pirate Festival2:52
03The Pirate Festival Opens!1:43
04Buggy Appears1:00
05We Are! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~1:34
06The Worst Generation ~The Rookies Appear~2:00
08Luffy’s Decision!2:11
09If You Can’t Forgive Them, Fight Them! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~0:55
10The Battle Begins ~Man-to-Man Competition~3:24
11Quiet Tension1:00
12Premonition of a Crisis0:57
13Buggy Gets Carried Away0:39
14Collapse of the Crisis1:15
15Bullet Appears ~Silent Fear~2:43
16Uncertainty and Unrest1:30
17Bullet vs. The Worst Generation2:11
18The Overwhelming Strength of Bullet1:36
19Luffy’s Serious1:22
20To Each His Own Fight1:18
21Bullet’s Assertion1:55
22Zoro vs. Fujitora0:26
23The Seven Warlords of the Sea ~Outrageous Guys Appear~1:03
24The Overwhelming Strength of Medium Bullet0:57
25Serious Usopp0:47
26Festa’s Trap1:03
27Sudden Turn of Events1:21

Disc length 39:48

01Fear: The Beginning of Despair1:39
02Festa’s Plot ~The Strongest Bullet Starts Up~1:50
03A Long Cherished Dream ~Festa’s Ambitions at Last~2:24
04Garp’s Sorrow1:13
05memories ~STAMPEDE Ver.~1:42
06Overture to the Final Battle ~The Navy’s Resolution~2:14
07Luffy Stands Up2:38
08The Beginning of a Joint Struggle1:05
09The Battle Begins ~Joint Stuggle 1~6:00
10Luffy, The Man You Can Count On0:51
11We Go! We Are! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~0:16
12Broken Festa0:42
13I’m Going to Be the Pirate King! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~0:50

Disc length 23:24

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