Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack


Release DateFeb 22, 2019
ComposersKohei Tanaka, Shiro Hamaguchi, Keiji Inai, Yasuhisa Murase
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byavex
PlatformsAnime, Movie, Series, TV Special
ProductsOne Piece


01The Great Pirate of Gold Woonan1:42
02Hungry Luffy3:11
03El Drago’s Appearance1:44
04The World’s Best Oden!2:49
05Landing! Gold Island1:37
06Usopp, it’s Dangerous!3:10
07Explosion! Ultrasonic Waves!!1:51
08Woonan and Ganzo2:04
09Gold and Oden2:31
11Gum-Gum VS Voice-Voice3:04
12Gum-Gum Bazooka!!4:00
13A Message from Woonan2:59
14Set Sail to the Pirate King1:40
15I Will Become King of the Pirates!2:10
16Reliable Comrade!3:22
17To the Great Sea Route!3:45
19Hooray! Let’s Party!!2:38
20And with still much more to come, the adventure continues!0:34
21Village Harbour2:18

Disc length 72:51

05Can’t Escape, Fight!3:06
06The Fight Continues2:41
07To The Ocean2:33
08Luffy’s Pace3:58
09Sanji’s Feast3:56
10Food Fight1:40
11If There Are Storms There Are Stars Too5:50
12Mother Sea3:56
13Stealthy Night Shadow3:28
14Landing at Town6:43
15Desperate Situation4:19
16One Hour Evacuation!2:13
17I Can’t Lose!3:19
18We Did It!2:19
19After Eating, Grand Line!2:20
20Tony Tony Chopper3:44

Disc length 68:16

01Islands of the Grand Line-cold3:38
02Islands of the Grand Line-hot3:13
03Miss All Sunday2:21
04Creatures of the Sea3:24
05Silent Anger4:17
06Serious Battle!3:50
07Aim for One Piece!5:01
08Rebirth! The Straw Hat Pirates2:18
09To the New World!!3:32
10Jinbe, Knight of the Sea1:44
11Surgeon of Death1:54
12Master’s Scornful Laughter3:08
13Thoughts of the Past2:20
14A Powerful Foe Arrives2:06
15Time of Promise2:18
16An Expert’s Spirit2:00
17The Weak Power Strengthens!1:46
18A Man’s Battle1:44
19Go Go! The Straw Hat Pirates!!1:45
20Country of Love, Passion & Toys, Dressrosa2:04
21Frenzy! Colosseum1:39
22Country of Dwarves, Greenbit2:04
23Donquixote Doflamingo1:41
24Trafalgar Law1:47
25Admiral “Fujitora”2:52
26Violet’s Dance of Passion1:11
27Love Cannot Be Stopped1:30
28Fight in the Colosseum2:08
29Fierce Battle in the Colosseum2:01
30Dressrosa’s Hidden Secrets2:05
31Gear Fourth2:26

Disc length 75:47

01Ballad of Sadness2:18
02Approaching! Birdcage Encirclement2:05
03Mansherry ~Healing Power~2:40
04Doflamingo ~Overwhelming Force~2:04
05The Thousand Year Island, Zou1:55
06Kouzuki Clan ~ An Unfortunate Destroyed Family1:51
08The Mink Tribe’s Battle1:46
09The Samurai and Mink Tribe’s Bond2:00
10Eyecatch ~New World Version~0:11
11Paramount War1:28
12To the Origin of Ace!2:08
13Main Title ~ Teachings of Rayleigh2:06
14Destroyer of the World! World1:38
15Things We Desired2:08
16World VS Luffy: Final Battle2:13
17Oath of the Brothers1:57
18Revolutionary Army’s Chief of Staff, Sabo2:37
19Loneliness, Solitude1:34
20Gathering of the Straw Hat Pirates! Towards Battle2:14
21Sabo’s Gentleness0:26
22Main Title ~ The Three Brothers’ Bond0:40
23The Brothers’ Memories1:51
24Luffy and Sabo’s Reunion2:16
25The Three Brothers’ Bond2:35
26Succeed Ace!!!2:20
27Foxy’s Prostration1:21
28Island of Fog2:01
29Brook ~Healing Violin~1:25
30Genius Tactician, Komei1:43
31Calm Komei2:10
32Olga??? Age?2:02
33History’s Scariest Treasure Hunter, Mad Treasure1:51
34Giant Monkfish Bonbori-sama1:35
35Adventure in the Stomach1:07
36Releasing the Trap1:38
37Straw Hat Pirates VS Mad Treasure2:58
38Luffy, to Victory2:06
39Escape from Bonbori-sama1:38
40Grand Finale ~ Farewell to the Straw Hat Crew2:05
41Next Time Preview ~We Go! Version~0:34

Disc length 75:07

01The Thief Brothers Appear0:57
02Bet Your Life On It!0:41
03Sanji’s In A Big Pinch!1:04
04Terror of the King Cannon0:40
05Boroodo’s Confession1:53
06Bear King’s Rage0:47
07Spirited Swordsman Zoro1:27
08Mother, Then Setting Off1:58
09Butler and His Henchman Appear!0:43
10An Enemy is Coming1:36
11Sanji vs Snake0:29
12Big Fight1:32
13The Going Merry Flies!!1:20
14If You Live1:07
15Fierce Fighting! Zoro & Sanji1:10
16Shuraiya’s Past0:27
17Shuraiya vs Needles0:41
18Gasparde’s Power1:19
19Luffy’s Here!1:19
20War Cry of the Marine Swordsmen1:51
21Into Action!1:01
22The Three Towers1:28
23Luffy’s Fierce Attack!1:08
24Resort Island2:04
26Be Careful1:15
27Thoughts Don’t Reach Far Enough2:19
28Karakuri Defense System, Activate!1:06
29Karakuri Defense System, Deploy!1:33
30Something Terrible Awakens!0:54
31It Awakens!0:58
32The Golden Crown Exists!0:28
33Ratchet’s Ambition0:42
34Karakuri Castle, Transform!2:03
35Straw Hat Pirates, Begin Counterattack!1:26
36A Mother’s Love2:06
37Giant Stronghold, Takeoff!!2:52
38Karakuri On Guard!0:39
39Luffy Versus Ratchet Round 11:15
40Zoro Versus General Maji0:51
41Sanji Versus Captain Honki0:46
42Luffy Versus Ratchet Round 21:00
43I Will Surpass You!!!3:02
44The Fierce Attack of the Blackbeard Pirates1:45
45Shut Up! Let’s Go!0:40
46Sanji and Usopp ~Loud Shouts in Vain~2:33
47Daft Green ~Cause of Tragedy~2:07
48Gathering ~Last Desperate Hope~0:57
49The Operation Begins ~The Village is Destroyed~3:22
50Terror of the Giant Animals ~Things Were Already Bad!~1:33
51Sanji’s Leg of Wind ~This is a Taste of East Blue Love~1:47
52The Final Battle ~Gigant Thor Axe~1:45
53Song of Triumph ~The Islands Fall to the Sea, the People Fly to the Sky~3:36

Disc length 75:02

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