Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser Original Soundtrack

名探偵コナン 漆黒の追跡者 オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Meitantei Conan Shikkoku no CHASER Original Soundtrack

Release DateApr 15, 2009
ComposersKatsuo Ohno
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byB-Gram RECORDS
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsDetective Conan / Case Close


02Black Impact A Development1:14
03Detective Conan Main Theme (Raven Medley Version)3:51
06Now the Lotus Root0:46
07Grasping the Rainbow0:54
08Suspense Window0:20
09Door to the Case0:17
10The Differently Coloured Post0:23
11Unable to Stand from a Coma0:22
12Grey Zone3:44
13Opaque Fruit 10:57
14Opaque Fruit 21:04
15Black Logic1:11
17Colour of Memory0:10
18Opaque Fruit 30:37
19The Lily of the Valley Flower0:38
20Pliant Detectives2:01
21Keep Out1:40
22Pain Sound0:20
24Black Impact B0:25
25Suspense Road0:15
26Opaque Fruit 40:40
27Black Impact C Development1:36
28Opaque Fruit 50:36
29Foreboding Darkness0:51
30Melody of the Evening Colours1:17
31Black Impact D0:37
33Yellow Instinct 10:43
34Yellow Instinct 20:23
35Path of the Wind1:49
36A Strange Colour0:31
37Unable to Hit0:40
38Troubling Colour Difference0:37
39Leaking Fluorescent Light1:21
40The Lily of the Valley Flower 20:55
41Orange-Coloured Sky1:07
43The Wool Present1:48
44That Should Clear Things Up0:34
45A Careful Eye0:22
46A Clue to the Case0:41
47The Hidden Japanese Morning Glory0:49
48A Troubling Hand-Mirror1:30
49Foreboding Danger0:37
50Coming From the Wrapping Steam2:33
51Diamond Shaped Feeling1:49
52A Twist0:13
53Black Fanfare0:32
54Coiling Black Thread0:57
55Black Impact E0:59
56Brick Wall0:30
57Black Drum0:16
58To the Other Side of the Door1:33
59An Oozing Liquid1:00
60Overlapping Colours0:30
61A Desperate Situation0:19
62A Metal Feeling1:06
63A Deep Red Antenna0:34
64Shining at the Last Moment0:49
66Unable to Hide in the Clouds1:36
67An Apricot Feeling0:14
69Facing Towards Tomorrow0:14
70Detective Conan Main Theme (Raven Full Version)3:24

Disc length 67:27


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