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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 06, 2008
ComposersTaku Iwasaki
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byAniplex
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsGurren Lagann / Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


01No Way! Only 1m20 to Do it1:18
02Moles are Mere Moles, Right?2:53
03Rap is Man’s Soul! Believe in You’n the Restless Dude Showing the Sky, Listen to Kamina’s Theme with Ears Wide Open!!2:54
04Boota Dreams of Spirals?2:53
05Boobs VS Boobs3:06
06Can’t Stop Burning?5:11
07Drill to Heaven with Your XXX!! ~First Time Outside ver.~2:07
08Elegy for Kamina’s Father, Now a Skeleton3:11
09The Wolf Has Come!!3:12
11The Moon, the Stars and I3:01
12Wow Three Sisters3:03
13Ack! Skee!! Skeletonn!!!2:42
14All of You, Get Burned!!!3:43
15Rise Your XXX!2:23
16He is so XXX2:33
17Lovely Boobs2:40
18Peeping Tom1:32
19Beard and Harem3:02
20Lots of Old Men2:17
21Whaddya Believe in!2:32
22Whaddya Need to Prepare!!1:48
23To Hell with Your Combi (Insert Song No.1 Allegro in C minor K2564)3:14
24What the Heck is “Moe”?3:29
25With Your XXX…1:17
26Eye Catch I0:08

Disc length 69:29

1Eye Catch II0:04
02Rap is Man’s Soul! Kick Reason for its Opposite! Listen to Our Team Dai-Gurren’s Theme with Ears Wide Open!! (Short Start Edit)2:47
03How Tiring are Travels2:52
04The Heck is “Moe”…?2:12
05Whaddya Think in the Dark!!2:24
06BafBaf! Burning Like that… Likable?5:28
07Super Combi (Insert Song No.2 K3845 Progre)2:16
08Spin, Spin, Spin, Spi!?2:56
09Spin, Spin, Spin, Spinnnn…4:21
10Team Dai-Gurren Quit the Scorching Sands2:28
11Eye Catch III0:07
12Eye Catch IV0:10
13Time is an Aged Traveler2:51
14Adaimura’s Decorator2:27
15Let’s Settle with Glasses3:23
16How Great is My Trumpet, Yeah!!3:22
17Rap is Man’s Soul……Maybe…Dunno…3:04
18Smaterring of Resort Life2:32
19Poison Prison2:37
20Someone Blames Someone2:43
21The Blue monday e”r”ectrical parade4:39
22“Libera me” from hell4:47
23Love Conservative4:12
24To Heaven with Your XXX…2:05
25Drill to Heaven with Your XXX!!3:38

Disc length 70:25

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