Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Meitantei Holmes Original Soundtrack

Sherlock Hound Original Soundtrack Soushuuban
名探偵ホームズ サウンドトラック総集盤

Release DateJul 25, 2008
ComposersKentaro Haneda
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byTokyo Movie Records
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsSherlock Hound / Meitantei Holmes


01OP “A Story Which Fell from the Sky” Full Version3:44
02OP “A Story Which Fell from the Sky” TV Size1:36
03ED “Dance of the River Thames” Full Version4:04
04ED “Dance of the River Thames” TV Size1:20
05OP Arrange ~ Comical2:14
06OP Arrange ~ Slow, Harmonica2:55
07ED Arrange ~ Orchestra3:02
08ED Arrange ~ Slow2:04
09Slow ~ Oboe, Bagpipes1:46
10Slow ~ Strings2:11
11Refreshing ~ Middle Tempo1:57
12Slow ~ Jazz, Harmonica2:52
13Refreshing ~ Piccolo1:49
14ED Arrange ~ Up Tempo, Horn2:18
15ED Arrange ~ Pizzicato, Slow Jazz2:10
16Suspense ~ Slow1:29
17Grand Theme0:44
18Suspense ~ Medium Tempo2:22
19Comical ~ Up Tempo2:24
20Refreshing ~ Marimba2:52
21Glockenspiel ~ Up Tempo2:58
22Slow ~ Minor Accordion2:33
23Refreshing ~ Clarinet3:06
25Suspense ~ Band2:15
26Suspense ~ Chopper, Pianica3:11
27Walking Bass Jazz3:30
28Suspense ~ Sax2:35
29Slow ~ Major Strings0:50
30Slow ~ Harpsichord, Oboe2:01

Disc length 69:41

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