Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

The Promised Neverland Original Soundtrack (Complete Edition)

約束のネバーランド オリジナル・サウンドトラック(Complete Edition)
Yakusoku no Neverland Original Soundtrack (Complete Edition)

Release DateDec 21, 2019
ComposersTakahiro Obata
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byAniplex
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsThe Promised Neverland


02As a Soft Morning Sunrise1:57
04Studying for Exams1:36
05Cold-hearted Isabella1:45
06Training for Escape1:45
07Tight Tension2:46
08Isabella’s Lullaby2:29
09Demon’s Manifestation0:28
10Emma’s Sorrow3:12
11Dancing Krone3:10
1263194 (Emma’s Theme)2:58
13The Promised Neverland – Main Theme 15:57
14GF House1:19
1581194 (Ray’s Theme)2:54
17Corpse Found0:12
18Krone’s Scheme2:12
19Existence of an Insider2:37
20Emma’s Agony2:08
21Isabella’s Lullaby – No Vocal Version2:29
22Krone on the GF String2:09
23The Promised Neverland – Pf solo Version2:49
24The Promised Neverland – Main Theme 25:57
25Prison Break2:56
26Strategy for escape1:45
27Emma’s Determination2:26
28Grandma and Demons2:02
29Isabella’s Lullaby – Mandolin Version2:29
30Analysis for escape1:37
3122194 (Norman’s Theme)2:45
32Their Own Thoughts2:14
33Reasoning for escape1:46
34Ray’s Retaliation2:37
35The Promised Neverland – Epf solo Version2:24

Disc length 85:02

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