Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Tokyo Ghoul:re Original Soundtrack

TV ANIMATION Tokyo Ghoul:re Original Soundtrack
東京喰種トーキョーグール:re Original Soundtrack

Release DateDec 12, 2018
ComposersYutaka Yamada, Miku Nakamura, Avu Barazono, TK, Kunimitsu Takahashi
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byMarvelous! (distributed by Sony Music Marketing)
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsTokyo Ghoul:re


01Invincible (feat. Yosh)4:02
02Won’t Forget You (feat. SaKy)4:12
03Parabellum (feat. AmaLee)3:41
04At Your Disposal (feat. Luschka)5:07
05Willpower (feat. Future Sunsets)4:23
06Worth Dying For (feat. David Vives & Future Sunsets)3:52
07Remembering (feat. Tate McRae)4:36
08Glassy Sky :reprise (feat. AmaLee)6:06
09Valor (feat. Future Sunsets)4:12
10Tokyo Ghoul :re (feat. Rachelle)5:06
11Phase Shift8:26
13City Jungle5:09
14Deep Dive4:52
15Awaken (feat. Tate McRae)3:27
16Believe Again (Piano Version)2:52
17Reaching for You (feat. Sara)3:40

Disc length 77:37

1Mvt. 1 “Shreds of Light” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)3:23
02Mvt. 2 “Sphere of Influence I” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)2:21
03Mvt. 3 “Sphere of Influence II” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)1:45
04Mvt. 4 “Licht und Schatten I” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)3:09
05Mvt. 5 “Schmetterling” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)3:51
06Mvt. 6 “Liftoff” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)5:07
07Mvt. 7 “Horizon” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)2:53
08Mvt. 8 “Believe Again” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)2:49
09Mvt. 9 “Tokyo Ghoul” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)5:12
10Mvt. 10 “Discoloration” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)2:34
11Mvt. 11 “Memories” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)4:41
12Mvt. 12 “Reflections” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)3:40
13Mvt. 13 “Licht und Schatten II” (Symphonic Suites from Tokyo Ghoul)5:00
14Schmetterling (Piano Version)4:33
15Horizon (Piano Version)2:35
16Memories (Piano Version)3:35
17Reflections (Piano Version)3:40
18Tokyo Ghoul :re (Piano Version)6:55
19asphyxia (TV edit)1:33
20HALF -anime size edit-1:33
21katharsis (TV edit)1:34
22Rakuen no Kimi (TV edit)1:33

Disc length 73:56

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