Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Music from the Television Series

Release DateApr 07, 2015
ComposersShuki Levy, Haim Saban, Erika Lane
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byLa-La Land Records
PlatformsCartoom, Series 
ProductsHe-Man and the Masters of the Universe


01He-Man (Main Theme)1:13
02Teela’s Theme1:27
03Orko’s Theme1:52
04Sweet Dreams1:54
05Facing the Castle1:28
06Royal Family1:44
07Run, Orko, Run0:59
08The Castle2:05
10Orko’s Time Machine1:36
11Magic Planet2:54
12He-Man at Home1:41
13Orko Means Well1:23
14He-Man Trapped1:36
15Prince Adam and Teela1:35
16Strangers in the Castle1:36
18Battle in the Sky1:04
19Queen of the Planet Phantos1:57
20Evil-Lyn Chase1:21
21The Sorceress1:49
22Brave Teela1:32
23Trouble in Grayskull1:10
24Snake Mountain1:10
25Skeletor Chase1:09
26Darkness Falls0:26
27Attack Truck1:39
28Dragon Invasion1:53
29Dragon’s Eggs1:16
30Stone Statue1:54
31Skeletor’s Spaceship1:11
33Beast Man and Skulls1:21
34Magical Orko0:44
35Greatest Show on Eternia0:09
36Circus Parade1:03
37Beast Man0:36
39See You Again0:16
40Attack Truck Fight0:47
42Violent Attack (He-Man)2:04
43Memory Loss1:05
44Goodbye (Teela)0:14
45Meteor Attack1:46
46Journey Back in Time1:51
48Tar Swamp1:14
50Bad Attack1:12
51Flash Chase0:55
52Goodbye (Orko)0:10
53Save the Day1:23

Disc length 69:02

01He-Man (Main Theme – full version)2:41
02Story Title (Heroic)0:09
03Story Title (Mysterious)0:09
04From Bad to Worse0:39
05Adam and Orko1:35
06Magical Dragon0:32
07The Game Machine1:08
08Electronic Game1:07
09Villain Plays the Game0:55
11Octopus Windbag0:33
12Video Game Sting0:11
13Video Battle1:58
14Aliens Attack3:07
15Suspenseful Act-Out0:15
16Good Vibes (He-Man)0:26
18Story Title (Main Theme)0:11
19Opening A (Main Theme)0:10
20Opening B0:10
21Catch the Lightning2:04
22Happy Times0:53
23The Unknown Planet0:16
24Journey to the Unknown Planet2:16
25He-Man in Space1:57
26Good Guys2:30
27Lute Piece0:15
28Singing Crystal (Remix)1:22
29The Pyramid1:33
30He-Man in the Country1:14
31Marching Guy0:41
32Look for Orko0:38
33Joining Forces1:22
34Quiet Interlude1:03
35A Surprise0:08
36Danger’s Coming0:20
37Bad Guys Attack1:02
38A Near Miss0:07
39End Sting0:11
40Suspense Sting0:07
41Getting Close0:27
42The Fight1:10
43The Munchkins0:26
44Teela Saves the Day1:22
45He-Man (Main Theme – no vocal)2:04
46Book-Man (alternate ending)0:35
47Bad Attack (alternate ending)1:04
48Flash Chase (alternate ending)1:02
49Dragon’s Eggs (alternate ending)1:21
50Circus Parade (alternate ending)1:11
51Beast Man and Skulls (alternate ending)1:29
52Meditation (mono)1:52
53Teela’s Theme (mono)1:29
54Run, Orko, Run (mono)1:00
55Facing the Castle (mono)1:29
56Royal Family (mono)1:45
57Orko’s Time Machine (mono)1:42
58He-Man (Main Theme – Spanish vocal)2:04

Disc length 60:23

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