Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release DateAug 12, 2016
ComposersRyan Shore
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byLakeshore Records
PlatformsCartoon,  OVA 


01Muscle Moto X Theme1:01
02Michael Cole & The Time Trial0:22
03Rusev & Lana0:25
04The Scooby Gang1:06
05Mr. McMahon0:49
06Super Duper Scooby-Dooby Sub Sandwiches0:28
07DC Pretzels0:40
08Team Legend1:50
09What the Devil?1:22
10Dusty Rhodes’ Wrestle Off1:18
11EMS & The Miz and Paige1:19
12Fred Accepts Mr. McMahon’s Challenge1:12
13Marauder’s Mountain & Walter Qualls2:38
14Superstars & Super Cars0:38
15Golddust & Stardust0:43
16Meeting The Undertaker0:46
17Los Matadores & Velma0:29
18Billion Dollar Princess1:36
19Scooby & Shaggy Join Team Taker2:37
20Earl The Mechanic2:15
21Fixing The Legend Mobile0:34
22Muscle Moto X Leg 1 – Deadwood Forest4:06
23Demon Truck & Kofi Kingston2:08
24To the Finish Line2:26
25Food Fight0:49
26Changing Teams0:45
27Leaving the Party0:45
28Wrestle Wear Designer0:54
29Sneaking Out2:07
30Inferno & The Miz0:46
31Another Clue0:36
32Muscle Moto X Leg 2 – Spire Leg Sprint1:07
33Water Race1:35
34Demon Rig Appears1:30
35Triple H vs. Demon1:49
36Scoobinator vs. Demon Rig1:22
38Press Meeting1:30
39Not Suspicious At All0:34
40Stephanie McMahon and Daphne1:00
41Muscle Moto X Leg 3 – Dead Man’s Curve2:10
42Sheamus & Inferno1:52
43Rallying Against Inferno2:35
44Mystery Machine vs. Demon Truck1:40
45We Can Do This!1:01
46The Undertaker vs. Inferno2:38
47Solving the Mystery2:48
48The Star-Spangled Banner0:32
49Winner’s Podium & Dusty Rhodes1:46

Disc length 69:39

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