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The Sword in the Stone Complete Motion Picture Score

Release DateDecember 25, 1963
ComposersRichard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, George Bruns
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Unnofical Album, Soundtrack
Published byWalt Disney
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsThe Sword in the Stone


01. Main Title
02. The Legend of the Sword in the Stone / A Dark Age
03. Merlin’s Vision
04. The Wart and the Wolf
05. Future
06. Impudent Piece of Crockery
07. Higitus Figitus
08. To the Castle
09. At the Castle / Merlin and Ector
10. Big News
11. A Magical Education
12. Life as a Fish / That’s What Makes the World Go ‘Round
13. Brain Over Brawn / Fish Stories
14. Higitus Figitus (Reprise)
15. Squirrely Squirrels / A Most Befuddling Thing / The Wolf Attacks
16. The Greatest Force on Earth
17. The Kitchen’s Bewitched
18. Wart’s Punishment / Education is Key
19. Archimedes the Teacher / Man Will Fly
20. Flying Lessons / Wart’s Flight / Hawk Chase
21. Mad Madam Mim
22. Wizards’ Duel / I Hate Sunshine
23. Blow Me to Bermuda
24. The Tournament / Forgot Kay’s Sword
25. King Arthur / Back from Bermuda / Long Live the King
26. The Legend of the Sword in the Stone (Vocals)
27. Higitus Figitus (Vocals)
28. That’s What Makes the World Go ‘Round (Vocals)
29. A Most Befuddling Thing (Vocals)
30. Mad Madam Mim (Vocals)
31. Higitus Figitus (Album Version)
32. Higitus Figitus (Demo)
33. Blue Oak Tree (Demo)
34. The Magic Key (Demo)

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