Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

RWBY, Vol. 7 (Original Soundtrack & Score)


Release DateJul 31, 2020
ComposersJeff Williams, Alex Abraham, Casey Lee Williams, Erin Reilly
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byRooster Teeth
PlatformsAnime, Series


01Trust Love (feat. Casey Lee Williams)3:50
02Touch the Sky (feat. Casey Lee Williams)5:01
03Hero (feat. Caleb Hyles)4:09
04Brand New Day (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:24
05Let’s Get Real (feat. Casey Lee Williams)3:43
06War (feat. Casey Lee Williams, Adrienne Cowan, Erin Reilly & Dawn M. Bennett)3:23
07Celebrate (feat. Casey Lee Williams, Santi C & Lamar Hall)4:58
08Until the End (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:29
09Fear (feat. Casey Lee Williams)4:30
10I May Fall (Acoustic) [feat. Casey Lee Williams & Videri String Quartet]4:41
11Nevermore (Peter Jones Remix) [feat. Casey Lee Williams & Adrienne Cowan]4:20
12In the Shadow of Atlas4:05
13Protector of Mantle4:31
15A New Approach3:18
16We All Have Our Talents1:40
17Into the Mines5:17
18Enjoy the Cake4:49
19…and Eat It, Too3:09
20Six Possible Outcomes4:27
21The Sisters Schnee4:11
22Party Crashers3:38
23Looking Inward2:24
24Full-on Vigilante3:19
25Right Behind That Door2:44
26You Are Cordially Invited4:59
27Hey Mom, It’s Snowing!4:16
28Time to Do Our Jobs3:58
29Mantle Overrun4:41
30You Big Bag of Bones!2:59
31Free Ride and a Show6:39
32It Was Bait2:51
33Are You With Me?6:11
34…Then You Trained Us3:21
35The Timeline Has Changed2:30
36And I Refuse to Starve4:23
37The Enemy of Trust6:45

Disc length 152:03

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