Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Pokémon TV Anime Original Soundtrack Best 1997-2010 Vol. 1

TVアニメ ポケットモンスター オリジナルサウンドトラック ベスト 1997-2010

Release DateSep 08, 2010
Arranged byShinji Miyazaki
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
Published byPikachu Records / Media Factory
PlatformsAnime, Series
ProductsPokémon, Pokémon Advanced Generation, Pokémon Diamond & Pearl


01~Opening~ (1997~1998-M01)1:49
02~Opening~ (1997~1998-M01B)0:17
03~Opening~ (1997~1998-M01C)0:20
04The Road to Tokiwa – From Masara (1997~1998-M18A)1:01
05The Road to Tokiwa – From Masara (1997~1998-M18B)1:12
06Battle (VS Wild Pokémon) (1997~1998-M13)1:07
07Fanfare – Got a Pokémon (1997~1998-M32)0:08
08Guide (1997~1998-M59)1:08
09Pokémon Center (1997~1998-M77A)1:02
10Pokémon Center (1997~1998-M77B)1:02
11The Caves of Moon-viewing Mountain (1997~1998-M19)1:17
12The Road to Hanada – From Moon-viewing Mountain (1997~1998-M60)1:33
13Purin’s Song (1997~1998-M36)1:40
14A Trainer Appears (Boy Version) (1997~1998-M55)1:16
15Battle (VS Trainer) (1997~1998-M56)1:43
16Battle (VS Trainer) (Boy Version) (1997~1998-M56B)2:04
17Pokémon Gym (1997~1998-M57)1:16
18Pokémon Gym (1997~1998-M57B)2:02
19Battle (VS Gym Leader) (1997~1998-M58)1:39
20The Road to Shion – From Kuchiba (1997~1998-M12-1)1:41
21Cycling (1997~1998-M35)1:15
22Pokémon Tower (1997~1998-M61A)1:14
23Pokémon Tower (1997~1998-M61B)1:21
24Pokémon Flute (1997~1998-M37)1:15
25The Sea (1997~1998-M40)1:05
26The Sea (1997~1998-M40B)1:33
27The Final Path (1997~1998-M78)1:36
28Last Battle (VS Rival) (1997~1998-M79)1:43
29~Ending~ (1997~1998-M21)1:30
30Title (1999~2001-M02)1:39
31Route 29 (1999~2001-M01)1:40
32Fight! Wild Pokémon (Johto) (1999~2001-M18)1:38
33Enju City (1999~2001-M05)1:59
34Fight! Rival (1999~2001-M17)2:00
35Bug Catching Contest (1999~2001-M24)1:43
36Bicycle (1999~2001-M06)1:46
37Route 38 (1999~2001-M35)1:44
38Fight! Trainer (Johto) (1999~2001-M20)1:56
39Surfing (1999~2001-M34)1:58
40Eye Contact! Rocket Gang (1999~2001-M22)1:34
41The Radio Tower Takeover! (1999~2001-M23)1:40
42Route 26 (1999~2001-M07)1:44
43The High-speed Liner (1999~2001-M21)2:13
44Nibi City (1999~2001-M03)1:54
45Fight! Champion (1999~2001-M19)1:57
46Ending (1999~2001-M04)2:06

Disc length 69:00

01Title ~Main Theme~ (2002~2005(AG)-M39)1:44
02Opening Selection (2002~2005(AG)-M09)1:43
03Kotoki Town (2002~2005(AG)-M03)1:15
04Fight! Wild Pokémon (2002~2005(AG)-M23)1:41
05Touka City (2002~2005(AG)-M02)1:18
06Gym (2002~2005(AG)-M38)1:36
07Victory over a Gym Leader! (2002~2005(AG)-M12)1:41
08Congratulations for the Evolution (2002~2005(AG)-M42)0:13
09Cross the Sea (2002~2005(AG)-M11)1:36
10The Oceanology Museum (2002~2005(AG)-M19)1:08
11Enter the Aqua Gang! (2002~2005(AG)-M35)1:08
12Contest! (2002~2005(AG)-M46)1:38
13Hiwamaki City (2002~2005(AG)-M01)1:14
14Minamo City (2002~2005(AG)-M04)1:17
15Recovery (2002~2005(AG)-M45)0:08
16Ceremony – Fire Mountain (2002~2005(AG)-M16)1:15
17Enter the Magma Gang! (2002~2005(AG)-M37)1:06
18Hideout (2002~2005(AG)-M36)1:10
19Fight! Aqua Magma Gang (2002~2005(AG)-M21)1:58
20Fight! Ancient Pokémon (2002~2005(AG)-M24)1:38
21Champion Road (2002~2005(AG)-M13A)1:46
22Champion Road (2002~2005(AG)-M13B)1:41
23Fight! Elite Four (2002~2005(AG)-M25)1:50
24Abandoned Ship (2002~2005(AG)-M18)1:13
25Proclaimed Stone Chamber (2002~2005(AG)-M20)1:10
26Fight! Regirock ・ Regice ・ Registeel (2002~2005(AG)-M22)1:58
27Laboratory (Opening) (2006~2010(DP)-M01)1:53
28Laboratory (Opening) (2006~2010(DP)-M02-2)2:05
29Laboratory (Opening) (2006~2010(DP)-M02)2:10
30Futaba Town (Day) (2006~2010(DP)-M03)1:57
31Route 201 (Day) (2006~2010(DP)-M08)1:39
32Fight! Wild Pokémon (2006~2010(DP)-M13)1:42
33Masago Town (Day) (2006~2010(DP)-M09)1:43
34Hakutai Woods (2006~2010(DP)-M16)1:44
35Eye Contact! Pokémon Collector (2006~2010(DP)-M12)1:35
36Route 206 (Day) (2006~2010(DP)-M22)1:34
37Eye Contact! Karate King (2006~2010(DP)-M15)1:31
38Eye Contact! Artist (2006~2010(DP)-M11)1:30
39Super Contest! (2006~2010(DP)-M07)2:03
40Difficult Dance (2006~2010(DP)-M20)1:48
41Fight! Gym Leader (2006~2010(DP)-M23)1:44
42Route 210 (Day) (2006~2010(DP)-M21)1:36

Disc length 64:19

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