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Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION Music Collection

「ミュウツーの逆襲 EVOLUTION」ミュージックコレクション
“Mewtwo no Gyakushuu EVOLUTION” Music Collection

Release DateJul 24, 2019
ComposersShinji Miyazaki, Kenta Higashiohji, Akifumi Tada, Rei Ishizuka, Cher Watanabe, Seiji Kameda, Kan Sawada
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal, Arrangement
Published byprimo passo / Sony Music Direct
PlatformsAnime, Movie
ProductsPokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION
Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back


01. Movie Logo
02. Mew’s Shadow
03. Distant Memory
04. Strong Energy
05. The Strong One Wins!
06. Main Title
07. Boy Satoshi (Ash)
08. Premonition of Battle
09. Mezase Pokémon Masutā ’98 (2019 Remaster)
10. Hara Hetta Nya
11. Messenger Dragonite
12. Invitation from Mewtwo
13. The Sea Begins To Get Rough
14. To The Battlefield
15. Into The Rough Sea
16. Critical Moment
17. Mysterious Castle
18. Windmill and Mew
19. Warrior’s Rest A
20. Warrior’s Rest A
21. The Strongest Pokémon: Mewtwo
22. The Shadow Haunting Team Rocket
23. Overwhelming Strength
24. Mystery Research
25. Cloned Pokémon Awaken!
26. The Decisive Battle Time
27. Can Not Lose
28. Heartless Mewtwo
29. Flight of the Poké Balls
30. In The Storm
31. Ash’s Justice
32. Mew’s Theme
33. Mewtwo VS Mew
34. Real VS Cloned
35. Everyone is Alive
36. Tears of Miracle
37. To Tomorrow
38. ポケットモンスター縮めてポケモン
39. Together With The Wind

01. The Phantom ‘Mew
02. The Awakening of Mewtwo
03. The Strong Mewtwo
04. Beginning to Strike Back
05. Mezase Pokémon Masutā ’98
06. Pikachu Not Giving Up
07. Flying Dragonite
08. Messenger
09. Sign of the Storm
10. Departing for the Pokémon Castle!
11. A Stormy Sea
12. Pokémon Castle
13. The Shadow Haunting Team Rocket
14. Mewtwo Appears
15. Cloned Pokémon Awaken!
16. Showdown! Real vs. Cloned Pokémon
17. Flight of the Poké Ball
18. Watch Out! Pikachu!
19. Ash’s Will to Battle
20. Real vs. Cloned! Which Is Stronger?!
21. The Meaning of Life
22. Tears of Miracle
23. Sky of Hope
24. The Storm Clears
25. Together With The Wind

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