Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

GAROU: Mark of the Wolves Original Soundtrack

餓狼伝説 Mark of the Wolves Original Soundtrack

Release DateAug 18, 2016
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySNK
PlatformsArcade, SNK Neo-Geo
ProductsGarou: Mark of the Wolves


02. Wolf’s Bane (Title Geese)
03. What To Do? (How to Play)
04. As You Wish (Option)
05. Choose Me! (Character Select)
06. Spread the Wings (Rock Howard)
07. Sunrise On The Train (Terry Bogard)
08. Dark Lightning (Demo 1 Grant Appears)
09. Loose Genius (Kim Dong Hwan)
10. Too Honest (Kim Jae Hoon)
11. Victory Message (Victory Demo)
12. Fullmoon – Heartfull (Hotaru Futaba)
13. Fullmoon – A Groan (Gato)
14. Bad Girl? (B.Jenet)
15. From Brazil (Marco Rodriguez)
16. All Right! (Normal Move KO)
17. Ninja? or Monkey? (Hokutomaru)
18. All Over With Blood (Freeman)
19. Got You! (Super Move KO)
20. Matchless Mask-Man (The Griffon Mask)
21. Wilderness Policeman (Kevin Rian)
22. Awesome! (Power Move KO)
23. Do You Do? (Continue)
24. Game Over (After Continue)
25. Dark Lightning -Emergence- (Demo 2 Grant Intro)
26. Destruction Maniac (Grant)
27. Dark Lightning -Collapse- (Demo 3 Grant Collapses)
28. Dark Lightning -Fabrication- (Fake Ending Demo)
29. Your Pleasure (Fake Ending Staff Roll)
30. Mysterious Charisma -Emergence- (Demo 4 Kain Appears)
31. Dignity Palace (Kain R. Heinlein)
32. Mysterious Charisma -To The New Battle- (Kain Mansion Collapse ~ Rock Exclusive Ending)
33. In Peace (Demo Ending A)
34. Sorrow (Demo Ending B)
35. Tense (Demo Ending C)
36. Sunset Sky Again (Staff Roll)
37. Game Over (After Staff Roll)
38. Shock & Extreme Silents


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