Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Cool Cool Toon: A Rhythm Comic Original Soundtrack

クルクルトゥーン サウンドトラック

Release DateSep 20, 2000
ComposersSNK Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan (YamaDub, Brother Hige, 北村芳彦, TATE-NORIO, Akihiro Uchida, 小林真貴子, SHA-V, Hirotomi Imoto, 佐々木晃子, 米谷敏洋)
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byScitron Discs / Scitron and Art
ProductsCool Cool Toon


01Cool Cool Toon (Advertisement)1:54
02Yussa Yussa (Yussa)3:04
03Kamimo Kamimo (Cameo)2:06
04Yellow Dog? (Great Big Cameo)2:55
05Irony ~If there is Warmth~2:41
06I am Space Woman (Ranke 2)1:50
08White Cowboy? (Ival 1)3:06
09Dancing Gravestone (Ival 2)2:49
10Lovely Panda Epron3:10
11TEST.MID (Growing-Up Flitz 1)2:42
12The Grown-Up World (Growing-Up Flitz 2)3:13
13Dancers Be Ambitious! (Fiesta 1)3:00
14Fiesta de Raggae (Fiesta 2)3:03
15Let’s Make Funky (Fiesta 3)3:16
16African Drunk (Fiesta 4)2:59
17Shine Bright3:18
18Imperatore (King)3:03
19Yussa Yussa You (Nice Body Yussa)2:31
20“Shu” (Flitz Ghost)3:19
21Bomb’s Life (Mr. Bomb Notty)2:08
22Gum Gum Gun (Fanboy Notty)1:34
23Behind the Tower (Tower Notty)2:09
24Hm? What’s That? …A Monster!!! (BGM1)1:35
25Loitering in the Library (BGM2)0:37
26Whatta Jerk (BGM3)0:43
27Ival Elegy (BGM4)1:16
28Everybody Flitz Now (BGM5)0:48
29Yussa’s Pad (Yussa’s Room)1:48
30Shopping (Map Screen)0:32
31Welcome! Dance World3:32

Disc length 73:46


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