Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack III

Release DateMay 15, 2019
ComposersKeita Haga, DELiGHTWORKS Sound Team (Shuntaro Shirayama), Daisuke Nagata, Ichiyo Izawa, Keiki Nishida, Kazuya Nishioka, Masamichi Nagai
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byAniplex
PlatformsMobile Phone
ProductsFate/Grand Order


01Gyakkou -GAME Size-1:42
02Cosmos in the Lostbelt3:03
03Together for a Break2:58
04Shadow Border2:54
05Hackneyed Melody3:05
06Oath to Humanity3:21
07The Permafrozen Empire : Anastasia3:21
10Princess for the Beasts ~BATTLE 7~3:02
11Roaming Survival ~FATAL BATTLE 4~2:07
12Te Deum ~BATTLE FINISH 2~0:54
13In the Dark Clouds3:10
14Tenacious Resolution2:25
15Destiny ~GRAND BATTLE 3~4:23
16Roar ~from Dies irae~2:30
17In the Air ~TREE BATTLE 1~3:42

Disc length 51:12

01The Fimbulwintry Flames : Götterdämmerung4:01
02Girl of the Snowfield2:43
03Lingering Hail3:03
04The Fimbulwintry Flames : Ragnarok4:16
06Permablazed Fellow ~BATTLE 8~3:14
08Lost Memories3:36
09The Intellectual Utopia : SIN3:01
10Blowing in the Distance3:35
11Exciting Voyage2:10
12True People3:07
13Crimson Beauty ~BATTLE 9~3:00
14Hypothesis Cosmos ~TREE BATTLE 2~3:40

Disc length 46:16

01Beyond the Galaxy2:14
03Gudaguda Grail Fable : Map Theme2:47
04Imperial and Nocturnal2:44
05Through the Sky2:41
06Gudaguda Shop ablaze ~Makoto~3:31
08Servant Summer Festival! : Map Theme2:52
09Everlasting Summer in Paradise1:13
10Dive to the Fes ~SUMMER BATTLE 4~2:14
11Servant Summer Festival! : Shop Theme2:06
12BB channel ~dark mix~3:30
13Battle in New York : Shop Theme2:45
14Burst Up ~FGO~3:19
15The Last Power ~FGO~3:20
16ONILAND!! : Map Theme2:49
17The Legendary Onikyua1:01
18Gohoshojo Furs Up2:35
19ONILAND!! : Shop Theme2:45
20Holy Samba Night : Shop Theme2:18
21Jingle Gong Just Gonged2:09
22Kono Hoshi de, Tada Hitotsu dake4:56

Disc length 61:43

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