Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack IV

Release DateJul 15, 2020
ComposersKeita Haga, Ryohei Sataka, kegani, Katsutoshi Kitagawa
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byAniplex
PlatformsMobile Phone
ProductsFate/Grand Order


01Shin’en no Decadence4:02
02The Tokunaga’s Mystery : Ooku ~Inside~2:40
04The Tokunaga’s Mystery : Shop Theme2:30
05The Tokunaga’s Mystery : Ooku ~Outside~2:40
06karma ataraxia4:02
07The Kalpic Cycle : Yuga Kshetra I3:32
08Family Ties2:40
09The Kalpic Cycle : Yuga Kshetra II3:26
10Deep Dark Power2:48
11The Kalpic Cycle : Yuga Kshetra III3:32
12Last Dark Deity ~BATTLE 10~2:51
13The Kalpic Cycle : Yuga Kshetra IV3:50
14Lost Piece4:43
15Unfading Feelings ~FGO~2:13
16Hideous Theory ~TREE BATTLE 2.5~3:42
17The Titanesque Ocean : Atlantis3:28
18Spiritual Sea2:30
19Day a Deity’s Down I ~BATTLE 11~2:12
20The Titanesque Ocean : Poseidon3:14
21Their True Shape ~vs The Twelve Olympians~3:03

Disc length 65:42

01The Empyrean City : Olympus3:12
02Cradle of Eternity2:06
03Day a Deity’s Down II ~BATTLE 12~2:49
04Death Melody3:27
05Nine Drive ~Koyanskaya’s strange story~5:24
07Starbust Thunder ~vs Zeus~4:17
08Final Strike2:01
09Slay the Chaos ~Til Nil~5:21
10Wodime ~TREE BATTLE 3~3:49
12The Yama’s Pavillon : Map Theme2:12
13Simple’n Simian!2:00
14Days Gone By5:03
16Gudaguda Final Honnouji : Map Theme2:44
18Gudaguda Shop ablaze ~Yu~2:50

Disc length 64:26

01Drop In! Las Vegas Show : Map Theme3:10
02Welcome to the Casino1:49
03Sweet Paradise ~SUMMER BATTLE 5~2:26
04Gudaguda March1:21
05Drop In! Las Vegas Show : Shop Theme2:34
06In Dinner Time0:33
07Bewitching ~The Seven Swimsuitmasters~2:38
08Ryuusei RODEO GIRLS4:33
09Saber Wars 2 : Map Theme2:21
10Space Hunting1:48
11Saber Wars 2 : Shop Theme2:03
12The Goddess of Venus ~Universe Mix~3:34
13To the Universe that Begins2:28
14Chaldea’s Christmas1:58
15Hero the Gathering on Christmas Eve2:37
16Help! : Shop Theme2:21
17The Strongest CEO3:08
18Spring Emotion2:32
19Stardust Board Maze : Astero Akihabara4:19
20Rainy Day, Teary Day2:59
21Board Game Apocalypse : Shop Theme2:39
22Dance Macabre2:13
23Board Game Apocalypse : BATTLE FINISH1:25

Disc length 57:29

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