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Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 12, 2014
ComposersTomoya Ohtani, Naofumi Hataya, Takahito Eguchi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
PlatformsMobile Phone
ProductsRhythm Thief & the Paris Caper (Rhythm Kaitou R Premium Live)


01Title Screen0:15
02Phantom R (Short ver.)0:07
03Showtime – Remix1:22
04A Beat of My Own1:46
05Cheering Marie – Remix2:06
06Love Me, Love My Backup Dancers1:20
07The Last Dance – Remix1:44
08Sharp Shooter!1:36
09Bite the Bobbies’ Bums!1:36
10Orpheus in the Underworld1:23
11Phantom Fondue – Remix1:28
12Friend vs. Faux1:27
13The Faux Phantom R (Short ver.)1:46
14Rooftop Run Act2 (Short ver.)1:49
15Sneak ‘n’ Peek1:24
16Ping-Pong Rally1:32
17Throwdown with Alfred – Remix1:26
18Rhythm Game Clear (Short ver.)0:07
19Main Menu (Re-Arranged ver.)1:19
21Paris by Day (Re-Arranged ver.)2:35
22Puzzle Game0:04
23Mini Game #11:17
24Puzzle Game Failure0:07
25Mini Game #20:48
26Puzzle Game Clear0:07
27Paris at Night (Re-Arranged ver.)2:03
28Elegant Infiltration1:35
29Looting the Louvre – Remix1:24
30Tango de Fondue1:24
31Cookin’ on Gas1:30
32Arabian Knights1:31
33Harder than Hard-Boiled1:28
34Backbeat Battler!1:39
35Twilight of the Chevaliers1:26
36Le Thème Diabolique1:21
37AK Beat Down1:48
38On Dangerous Ground1:40
39A Father’s Duty1:49
40Showdown (Harpsichord Concerto)1:44
41Rematch (Badinerie)1:27
42Showdown by Moonlight1:31
43Mission Clear1:34

Disc length 57:33

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