Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Banjo-Kazooie: Everything and the Kitchen Sink!

Release DateOct 03, 2014
ComposersGrant Kirkhope
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byGrant Kirkhope
PlatformsNintendo 64Xbox 360


01Nintendo & Rare Logo0:12
02Main Title1:04
03Game Selection 12:44
04Game Selection 22:44
05Game Selection 31:10
07Spiral Mountain4:20
08Spiral Mountain – Aquatic4:17
09Pause Screen2:05
10Spiral Mountain – Bridge To Gruntilda’s Lair1:08
11Grunty’s Beauty Steal Machine2:18
12Gruntilda’s Lair4:03
13Mumbo’s Mountain4:17
14Mumbo’s Mountain – Aquatic4:17
15Mumbo’s Mountain – Mumbo’s Hut Area4:17
16Mumbo’s Hut1:58
17Mumbo’s Mountain – Ticker’s Tower4:17
18Mumbo’s Mountain – Inside Ticker’s Tower3:14
19Mumbo’s Mountain – Conga’s Patch4:17
20Brentilda’s Theme1:50
21Treasure Trove Cove4:04
22Treasure Trove Cove – Captain Blubber’s Area4:04
23Treasure Trove Cove – Aquatic4:04
24Treasure Trove Cove – Nipper Battle1:56
25Treasure Trove Cove – Inside Nipper’s Shell4:22
26Treasure Trove Cove – Inside The Sandcastle3:39
27Treasure Trove Cove – Inside The Sandcastle – Aquatic3:39
28Treasure Trove Cove – Lighthouse Winds1:19
29Snacker Attack0:26
30Clanker’s Cavern4:05
31Clanker’s Cavern – Aquatic4:05
32Clanker’s Cavern – Deep Underwater4:05
33Clanker’s Cavern – Inside Clanker4:19
34Clanker’s Cavern – Inside Clanker – Aquatic4:19
35Clanker’s Cavern – Mutie-Snippets Battle2:01
36Bubblegloop Swamp4:15
37Bubblegloop Swamp – Interiors1:24
38Bubblegloop Swamp – Flibbits Battle2:06
39Bubblegloop Swamp – Mr. Vile’s Game1:01
40Cheato’s Theme1:14
41Freezeezy Peak4:18
42Freezeezy Peak – With Christmas Bells4:18
43Freezeezy Peak – Aquatic4:04
44Freezeezy Peak – Twinklies’ Journey3:22
45Christmas Lights On0:04
46Freezeezy Peak – Inside The Christmas Tree1:27
47Freezeezy Peak – Wozza’s Cave1:41
48Freezeezy Peak – Wozza’s Cave – Aquatic1:36
49Freezeezy Peak – Boggy’s Igloo – Sad1:40
50Freezeezy Peak – Boggy’s Igloo – Happy1:08
51Freezeezy Peak – Boggy’s Race2:11
52Boggy’s Race Lose Fanfare0:04
53Boggy’s Race Win Fanfare0:03
54Gobi’s Valley4:19
55Gobi’s Valley – Jinxy’s Area4:19
56Gobi’s Valley – Aquatic4:17
57Gobi’s Valley – Inside The Pyramid4:34
58Gobi’s Valley – Hissup0:44
59Gobi’s Valley – King Sandybutt’s Tomb1:01
60Tomb Time Up!0:02
61Mad Monster Mansion4:17
62Mad Monster Mansion – With Church Bells4:17
63Mad Monster Mansion – Aquatic4:15
64Mad Monster Mansion – Inside The Mansion4:23
65Mad Monster Mansion – Inside The Toilet2:44
66Mad Monster Mansion – Tubular’s Oujia3:42
67Church Door Opens0:06
68Mad Monster Mansion – Cemetery4:03
69Mad Monster Mansion – Inside The Church3:11
70Complete Mozand’s Song0:04
71Rusty Bucket Bay3:54
72Rusty Bucket Bay – Whistle Puzzle3:54
73Rusty Bucket Bay – Aquatic3:54
74Rusty Bucket Bay – Inside The Warehouse2:39
75Rusty Bucket Bay – Inside The Warehouse – Aquatic2:39
76Rusty Bucket Bay – Inside Crew Quarters2:26
77Rusty Bucket Bay – Engine Room4:08
78Rusty Bucket Bay – Engine Room – Aquatic4:08
79Rusty Bucket Bay – Boss Boom Box1:56
80Click Clock Wood – Lobby2:21
81Click Clock Wood – Lobby – Spring2:21
82Click Clock Wood – Lobby – Summer2:21
83Click Clock Wood – Lobby – Autumn2:21
84Click Clock Wood – Lobby – Winter2:56
85Click Clock Wood – Spring4:51
86Click Clock Wood – Spring – Aquatic4:48
87Click Clock Wood – Zubba’s Nest3:06
88Click Clock Wood – Nabnut’s House – Spring3:08
89Click Clock Wood – Nabnut’s House – Summer2:52
90Click Clock Wood – Nabnut’s House – Autumn2:52
91Click Clock Wood – Nabnut’s House – Winter2:52
92Click Clock Wood – Nabnut’s House – Aquatic2:52
93Click Clock Wood – Inside The Treetops – Spring1:58
94Click Clock Wood – Inside The Treetops – Summer1:58
95Click Clock Wood – Inside The Treetops – Autumn1:58
96Click Clock Wood – Inside The Treetops – Winter1:58
97Click Clock Wood – Summer4:42
98Click Clock Wood – Zubba Battle2:15
99Click Clock Wood – Autumn4:11
100Click Clock Wood – Autumn – Aquatic4:09
101Click Clock Wood – Gnawty’s House2:15
102Click Clock Wood – Winter4:34
103Click Clock Wood – Nabnut’s Storage Room2:41
104Grunty’s Furnace Fun4:19
105Grunty’s Furnace Fun – Banjo-Kazooie Question0:02
106Grunty’s Furnace Fun – Skull Question0:03
107Grunty’s Furnace Fun – Gruntilda Question0:02
108Grunty’s Furnace Fun – Note Question0:02
109Grunty’s Furnace Fun – Joker0:02
110Banjo Wins Wins Furnace Fun Fanfare0:04
111Grunty’s Defeat2:06
112Tooty’s Theme1:39
113End Credits5:22
114Mumbo’s Barbeque2:19
115Top Of The Lair4:36
116Grunty’s Door Opens Fanfare0:04
117Final Battle6:07
118Jinjonator Appears0:11
119Jinjonator Charges0:58
120Grunty Falls0:34
121Buried Under A Rock0:30
122On Vacation2:18
123The End0:10
124Wading Boots0:56
125Turbo Trainers0:54
127World Puzzle Complete Fanfare0:05
128World Door Open0:03
129Open Note Door Fanfare0:05
130Secret Fanfare #11:42
131Secret Fanfare #22:00
132Secret Fanfare #32:06
133Secret Fanfare #42:38
134Secret Fanfare #52:42
135Collect Secret Item Fanfare0:04
136Jiggy Appearance0:05
137Collect Jiggy0:05
138Collect Jinjo0:04
139Collect All Jinjos0:06
140Correct Fanfare0:03
141Complete Extra Honeycomb0:05
142Mumbo’s Magic0:08
143Banjo’s Transformation0:06
144Collect Extra Life0:03
145Lose Life0:04
146Game Over0:11
147Bottles’ Bonus Start0:10
148Bottles’ Bonus3:10
149Beta – Unused Jingle0:04
150Beta – Advent (Unused Song)1:46
151Beta – Mumbo’s Raindance (Unused Song)1:18
152Beta – Click Clock Wood (Unused Version 1)2:14
153Beta – Click Clock Wood (Unused Version 2)2:18
154Gruntilda’s Lair – Mumbo’s Mountain4:03
155Gruntilda’s Lair – Aquatic4:03
156Gruntilda’s Lair – Treasure Trove Cove4:03
157Gruntilda’s Lair – Clanker’s Cavern4:03
158Gruntilda’s Lair – Bubblegloop Swamp4:03
159Gruntilda’s Lair – Freezeezy Peak4:03
160Gruntilda’s Lair – Gobi’s Valley4:03
161Gruntilda’s Lair – Mad Monster Mansion4:03
162Gruntilda’s Lair – Rusty Bucket Bay4:03
163Gruntilda’s Lair – Click Clock Wood4:03
164Gruntilda’s Lair – Grunty’s Furnace Fun4:03

Disc length 398:52


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