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Custom Robo Music Theater

Custom Robo Ongaku Gekijo

Release DateMar 17, 2001
ComposersShinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Yousuke Yasui, Yasuhisa Watanabe
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byCANDYPOP (distributed by Nippon Columbia)
PlatformsNintendo 64
ProductsCustom Robo, Custom Robo V2


01Custom Robo Starter0:13
02Will you write your name!0:45
03Good Morning1:36
04Today too, Let’s Go and See!2:09
06Robo Station Theme1:56
07First Tournament0:49
08The Big Battle Begins0:55
09Deciding Match0:51
10Fukashi’s Theme0:42
11It’s a Palatial Mansion, Katorea .. Amazing1:13
12Super Commander Tournament1:23
13March of the Victor0:53
14Aah, um, Brother..0:55
15Hurricane Robo Mania2:08
17Yurie LOVE1:10
18Commander Take Aim1:29
19Trouble Arrives0:45
21Secret Meeting1:28
22Infiltration, Dark Battle1:14
23… Is That So1:45
24Go Away! Dread0:47
25Nuki ashisashiashi, Chibitchau1:04
26Long Journey1:42
28Decisive Battle! Great Robo Cup2:05
29It’s Over, Right4:40
30Ranking Happyo2:02
31Opening V20:12
32My name –1:25
34Where Will We Go Today –1:08
35Robo Station2:28
36Long Long Time Ago2:05
37Fukashi kakko iiiiii0:54
38My Three Siblings1:39
39Ghost Robo Seumu2:08
40The Trial of Strength! Sunday Match Tournament2:02
41Sunday Match Main Battle0:55
42March of the Victor V20:57
43This way, Yurie Beautiful Commander1:37
44Takuma Coaching School Traveling ~ Dead Commander3:06
45Harabeko Taihei0:27
46Secret Training Facility0:38
47Three Siblings of Sorrow1:29
48V Commander Take Aim2:29

Disc length 70:14

01With You, Randebu1:50
02Marine Park Festival1:15
03Deciding Match Battle V20:48
04Fukashi, Let’s Go Underwater0:43
05Mind Controller0:59
06Sanninshu Arawaru1:39
07Party at a Battle1:25
08Combat Lord1:49
09Calling on Yurie, Ally of Justice1:41
10Yurie, Tearful Running Fist0:36
11Goliath Infiltration2:03
12GOGO! Goliath2:10
13Revenge of the Three Siblings1:04
14Goliath’s Depths1:42
15Hero Fukashi’s Funeral1:00
16With Thoughts of Nanase0:41
17Loophole Discovery, Hazard Discovery0:48
18Yurie, With Abominable Thoughts3:21
19Final Warning0:51
20Infiltration, Into the Five-Storied Pagoda2:00
21Takumi’s Thoughts1:05
22A Heart Compicated by Nanase1:19
23Nanase’s Sympathy1:42
24Departure’s Final Act, With Thoughts of Everyone4:26
25Where’s the Battle?0:58
26I Wonder if I Can Do It1:22
27After the Battle3:12
28Prologue V0:44
29Battle Start0:07
30Custom Battle1:21
31Ichigo Cream Great Battle1:40
32Dark Lord1:26
33Character Keyword1:15
34Mini Carrier station1:20
35Red Danger Zone1:16
36The Ice of Passion Doesn’t Melt1:26
37Battle of the Under Society1:11
38… A Formidable Enemy1:13
39… A More formidable Enemy1:11
40Robo Cup Stage1:54
41Custom Battle 21:17
42Capsule Holoseum1:26
43Real Stage1:32
44Inside the Fever and Stone1:12
45Goliath’s Formidable Enemy1:25
46Goliath Stage1:16
47Victory Master… ~ Defeat master… ~ Perfect Performance0:19
48Item GET0:07
49Are we Playing Yet0:04

Disc length 67:11

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