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NiGHTS ~Journey of Dreams~ Original Soundtrack

Release DateJan 16, 2008
ComposersTomoko Sasaki, Naofumi Hataya, Tomoya Ohtani, Teruhiko Nakagawa, Fumie Kumatani, Tatsuyuki Maeda
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWAVE MASTER ENTERTAINMENT (distributed by avex marketing)
PlatformsNintendo Wii
ProductsNights: Journey of Dreams


01NiGHTS : Journey of Dreams4:00
03Eloquent Echo3:06
04Drifting Donbalon2:18
05Eloquent Echo : Fluffy Catch2:59
06Eloquent Echo : River Rescue2:02
07Drifting Donbalon : Hard Ver.3:10
08Wandering Wildness2:41
09Cackling Chamelan2:14
10Wandering Wildness : Bomb Panic2:26
11Wandering Wildness : Coaster Rescue2:04
12Cackling Chamelan : Hard Ver.2:21
13Dreams Dreams : Located Link Mix (Instrumental)4:53
14NiGHTS And Reala2:30
15Electrical Entertainment2:48
16Clashing Cerberus1:55
17Electrical Entertainment : Neon City Battle3:39
18Electrical Entertainment : Broadway Guide2:31
19Clashing Cerberus : Hard Ver.1:44
20Growing Wings2:31
21Persona Non Grata1:13
22D’Force Master3:59
23Win a Goal0:51
24Dreams Dreams : Will Ver.5:49

Disc length 64:55

01Dreams Dreams : Adult Ver.5:52
03Sweeping Seashore2:54
04Giant Girania2:00
05Sweeping Seashore : Aqua Challenge2:10
06Sweeping Seashore : Marine Escape2:10
07Giant Girania : Hard Ver.2:32
08Crystal Choir3:08
09Bony Bomamba2:11
10Crystal Choir : Labyrinth Guide2:52
11Crystal Choir : Jewel Fever2:16
12Bony Bomamba : Hard Ver.3:07
13Merry Memory Go Round2:20
14Queen Bella’s Ball2:17
15Merry Memory Go Round : Forest Adventure2:27
16Dreams Dreams : Sky Concert4:27
17Queen Bella’s Ball : Hard Ver.2:13
18Cruising Together3:32
19NiGHTS And Reala : Theme of A Tragedic Revenge2:22
20Sonatinas for Two Violins1:05
22Dreams Dreams : Helen Ver.5:51
23On The Way Back0:34
24Memento of NiGHTS1:03
25Dreams Dreams : Sweet Snow5:16
26Fragmented NiGHTS0:22

Disc length 66:13

01Dreams Dreams : Kids Ver.5:52
02NiGHTS : Journey of Dreams (Short Ver.)1:42
03Gate Of Your Dream1:06
05When The Night Falls1:37
06Sweeping Seashore : in Daylight0:48
07Cowardly Custard1:45
08Catch Me If You Can1:50
09Duel in Dream2:07
10Al-Di-La : Lavender Ver.2:55
11Reala Returns1:12
12Peaceful Moment1:07
13Al-Di-La : Sandal Wood Ver.3:08
14Bad News0:58
15Twist of Fate0:23
16Al-Di-La : Peppermint Ver.4:14
20Al-Di-La : Bergamot Ver.3:34
21Precious Orgel1:01
22Sentimental Separation0:58
23Thank You NiGHTS0:37
24Dreams Dreams : Located Link Mix4:58
25Dreams Dreams : Sweet Snow (instrumental)5:15
26Dreams Dreams (instrumental)5:49

Disc length 60:21

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