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Genshin Impact - City of Winds and Idylls Original Soundtrack

原神-风与牧歌之城 City of Winds and Idylls

Release DateSep 28, 2020
ComposersYu-Peng Chen
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bymiHoYo
PlatformsMobile Phone, PC, PlayStation 4
ProductsGenshin Impact


01Twilight Serenity (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)1:41
02Legend of the Wind1:26
03The City Favored By Wind1:03
04Bustling Afternoon of Mondstadt1:48
05Dusk in Mondstadt1:48
06Mondstadt Starlit1:00
07Moonlight in Mondstadt0:49
08Another Day in Mondstadt0:52
09Windborne Hymn1:48
10Knights of Favonius1:15
11Angel’s Share1:53
12Silhouette and Silk Steps1:31
13Perilous Path2:19
14Say My Name1:51
15Welp, Didn’t Expect That…1:22
16An Interesting Labour1:26
17Make Haste, Partner1:28
18A Happy Day0:28
19Reunion in the Whispering Woods0:37
21Meeting Amber0:13
22Storm Befalls1:05
23Slight Distress2:21
24Tender Strength1:22
25Imminent Triumph1:00
26Beckoning (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)1:42
27Hence, Begins the Journey1:14
28Dawn Winery Theme1:07
29Before Dawn, at the Winery1:09
30A Familiar Sight and Leisure1:07
31Cold Night1:07
32Whispering Plain1:10
33Statue of the Seven1:24
34Acquaintance (Statue of the Seven)0:21
35Stealing Words of the Moon1:24
36Wayfayer’s Peace1:28
37Wind-Washed Mountains0:41
38Wayward Souls1:05
39Reminiscence (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)1:35
40Restless Blazing Sun1:35
41Remembrance (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)1:22
42The Horizon1:12
43Awaiting for the Future1:25
44Moonlit Wilderness1:16
45A New Day with Hope1:43
46Journey of Hope (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)1:21
47Forlorn Child of Archaic Winds (Dvalin’s Nest)3:19
48Forsaken Child of Ancient Times (Dvalin’s Nest)2:55
49Midday Prospects1:38
50Dwelling in the Past1:41
51Eternal Anamnesis (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.)1:59
52Photon of Fluctuation3:14
53His Resolution4:43
54Rhythm from Ancient Times3:40
55Endless Echoes4:12
56Charge! Fearless Warriors3:58
57Beats of Water Drops4:03
58Magic Intrigues3:50
59Against All Odds5:21
60Perpetual Motion of Wind3:32
61Riders of the Wind, Onward3:06
62Whirl of Boreal Wind3:11
63Symphony of Boreal Wind4:51

Disc length 118:36


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