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A Hat in Time Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateOct 05, 2017
ComposersPascal Michael Stiefel, Grant Kirkhope
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byHumble Bundle (distributed by Valve)
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsA Hat in Time


01Main Theme5:48
02Title Screen3:41
03File Select2:26
04New Adventure4:05
05Her Spaceship5:55
06Welcome to Mafia Town5:01
07Welcome to Mafia Town (Remix)2:24
08TimePiece Released1:04
09Barrel Battle3:24
10A New Friend in Mafia Town1:10
11Mafia Town Is Asleep4:59
12She Came From Outer Space3:31
13So, Whats The Plan2:02
14Mafia HQ3:58
15The Badge Seller2:10
16Mafia Boss’ Big Showdown3:38
17Mafia Boss’ Big Showdown (Remix)3:23
18Heating Up Mafia Town7:03
19No More Mafia Boss3:48
20Scootin’ Through Mafia Town5:02
21Deadbird Studio Reception2:03
22Dead Bird Studio4:06
23You Are Now Legally a Bird4:42
24The Ratings Are In1:36
25Picture Perfect5:04
26Picture Perfect (Remix)2:22
27Murder on the Owl Express3:12
28Who Dun It3:12
29Tick Tock3:12
30The Phone’s Ringing3:12
31Metal Bork1:36
32The Conductor’s Train1:42
33Train Rush4:57
34Trainwreck Of Electro Swing (Remix)4:07
35The Big Parade4:43
36Turn on the Pyrotechnics2:44
37The Annual Bird Movie Award2:34
38Dead Bird Studio Basement2:24
39Dead Bird Studio is Closed2:50
40The Battle of Award 424:52
41Heart To Heart1:47
42Subcon Forest11:06
43Scootin’ Through Subcon Forest5:36
44Snatcher’s Contractual Obligations1:39
45Oh It’s You2:07
46Subcon Village4:46
47Subcon Village (Remix)5:01
48The Fire Spirits2:13
49The Subcon Caves3:12
50Toilet Of Doom2:24
51A Forsaken Place3:57
52Entering Vanessa Manor1:17
53Vanessa Wants To Play5:07
54You’re Safe Now1:17
55Your Contract Has Expired3:54
56Your Contract Has Expired (Remix)3:52
57The Tower of the Goats2:43
58Alpine Skyline14:46
59The Birdhouse Peak9:19
60The Lava Cake Peak5:18
61The Windmill Peak8:59
62The Twilight Bell Peak10:57
63Alpine Skyline at Night5:14
64The Weather Has Cleared2:57
65Clocktowers Beneath The Sea3:52
66Scootin’ Through Clocktowers Beneath The Sea3:52
67Clocktowers Beneath The Sea (Remix)3:01
68Mafia of Cooks Time Rift2:40
69Battle of the Birds Time Rift3:04
70Subcon Forest Time Rift2:40
71Alpine Skyline Time Rift2:17
72Roll the Slots1:26
73Judge, Jury and Executioner5:57
74You Are All Bad Guys9:34
75Get Lost2:56
76Little Help From My Friends1:21
77Goodbye Everyone1:20
78The End5:20

Disc length 308:30


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