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For Honor: Marching Fire Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateOct 16, 2018
ComposersLuc St-Pierre
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byUbisoft
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsFor Honor


01A Warrior’s Siege4:34
02Common Enemies1:21
03A Knight’s Resolve1:42
04Bastion of the Forgotten2:58
05The Einherjar2:05
06Hymn of the Walled City3:39
07Adversarii Ad Portas1:58
08Wrath of the Fire Gods3:03
09Kagutsuchi no Senritsu2:19
10A Viking’s Wrath1:42
11Steel Yourself3:13
12Wandering Warriors3:25
13Unforgettable Legend3:15
14The Battle4:53
15The Endless War4:22
16A Samurai’s Virtue1:43

Disc length 46:12

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