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Freedom Planet Official Soundtrack

Release DateJul 29, 2014
ComposersLeila Wilson, Stephen DiDuro, Shane Ellis
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byGalaxyTrail (distributed by Bandcamp)
PlatformsPCNintendo Wii UPlayStation 4
ProductsFreedom Planet


01Freedom Planet Theme3:36
02Main Menu0:52
03To The Rescue!1:05
04Dragon Valley 13:37
05Dragon Valley 23:32
06MEANIE Boss! (Minor Boss Battle)2:43
07Here Comes Trouble!1:23
08Lilac’s Treehouse2:17
09Chase Scene1:34
10Relic Maze 13:16
11Relic Maze 22:47
12Major Boss Battle2:11
13Shang Tu Royal Palace3:29
14Freedom Planet TV!0:40
15Meet The Team!3:26
16Fortune Night 12:29
17Fortune Night 22:11
18Target World (Shang Mu Academy)1:22
19Zao Majestico! (Shang Mu City Hall)2:40
20Brev In Yo Hizzle (Lord Brevon 1)2:42
21Sky Battalion3:35
22Prince Dail Boss Battle3:06
23Millaqua (Royal Palace Jail)1:19
24Aqua Tunnel 12:50
25Aqua Tunnel 23:09
26Bossoft (Aquatic Boss Battle)1:30
27Up The Creek (Jade Creek 1)3:15
28Up The Sub (Jade Creek 2)4:29
29Trap Hideout 13:59
30Trap Hideout 23:21
31Thermal Base 12:44
32Thermal Base 22:53
33It’s Brevon Time (Lord Brevon 2)2:11
34Pangu Lagoon 1 (English)2:47
35Pangu Lagoon 1 (Japanese)2:47
36Pangu Lagoon 23:48
37Neo Chase (Tragic Boss Battle)2:34
39Schmup Stage2:47
40Battle Glacier 12:35
41Battle Glacier 24:35
42Final Dreadnought 13:22
43Final Dreadnought 23:30
44Final Dreadnought 32:37
45Final Dreadnought 44:10
46Final Boss 12:31
47Final Boss 21:55
48Game Over1:03
50Results Screen2:01
51Time Attack1:58
52Relic Maze (Extended Mix)3:41
53Fortune Night (Piano Arrangement)5:14
54Liquid Emotion (Pangu Lagoon Remix)5:54
55Epilogue (Extended Mix)3:19
56Freedom Planet Theme (Orchestral Remix)2:19
57Zao’s Airship3:11
58Point Cedar (Rage Ravine Unused Stage)2:59
59Disaster Strikes1:01
60Beta Aqua Tunnel 1 (Bonus Theme)2:54
61Beta Aqua Tunnel 2 (Mahjong Theme)2:35
62Beta Battle Glacier2:35
63Beta Dragon Valley 12:20
64Beta Dragon Valley 22:36
65Beta Final Boss 13:06
66Beta Minor Boss Battle1:51
67Beta Schmup Stage3:00
68Beta Sky Battalion2:15
69Beta Speed Powerup0:24
70Beta Speed Powerup (Orchestral Mix)2:03
71Beta Title0:36
72I Am Invincible! (Invincibility Theme)0:50

Disc length 191:10


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