Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

LEGO Worlds Original Soundtrack

Release DateMar 07, 2017
ComposersRob Westwood, Tess Tyler
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (distributed by Valve)
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch
ProductsLego Worlds


01Welcome to Worlds1:29
02Adventure Awaits! (LEGO® Worlds Main Theme)2:22
03The Grasslands4:56
04Antagonists Afoot3:24
05Skulking Skeletons4:08
06Winter Tundra4:19
07Smokey Skylines4:39
08Way Out West4:35
09Cogs & Tyres, Metal & Wires4:17
10Dancing Toons4:02
11The Chase1:21
12Can’t Catch Me1:05
13Brick It1:50
14Knuckle Down1:40
15Fight On!2:13
16Soaring (Far Away)4:16
17Soaring (Nearly There)4:16
18Soaring (Above the Clouds)4:16
19Deep, Clear Waters3:58
20It’s Your World3:11
21Into the Unknown1:56
22New Frontiers1:45
23Wares to Sell1:11
24Fanfare 10:13
25Fanfare 20:11
26Fanfare 30:07
27Fanfare 40:10
28Fanfare 50:10
29Fanfare 60:09
31Until Tomorrow0:26
32BONUS – Overworld (Early 2015 Demo)4:34
33BONUS – Danger (Early 2015 Demo)3:19

Disc length 80:52

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