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Rumble Roses Original Soundtrack

Release DateMar 30, 2005
ComposersDavid Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Sota Fujimori, Makihiko Araki, dj TAKA, Junzo Yagami, KONAMI, Yuka Watanabe, Akira Yamaoka, Michiru Yamane, U1-ASAMi, Des-ROW, Chuji Nagaoka
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byavex trax (distributed by avex distribution)
PlatformsPlayStation 2
ProductsRumble Roses


01Yankee Rose (Dixie)3:54
02Look To The Sky (Reiko Hinomoto)7:10
03FATE (Aisha)3:42
04NO MORE (Sista A)4:02
05Benikage ~Crimson Shadow~ (Benikage)4:01
06My First Season (Makoto Aihara)3:49
07Junction Rainy Blue (Reiko)2:49
08I’m too virtuous (Miss Spencer)1:11
09The Spirit of Hawk (Aigle)3:07
10Pluck the Roses! (Evil Rose)1:08
11Keep On Liftin’ (Anesthesia)1:11
12Dice Away (Sergeant Clemets)1:07
13Immortal Revenger (Yasha)2:50
14Whip Me Hard! (Mistress)1:15
15B.E.C.K.Y (Becky)1:24
16The Bitter Road (Death Judo)1:04
17The Imperial Carnival (Great Khan)2:41
18The Thorn of Justice (Noble Rose)3:18
19The Cutter (Doctor Cutter)1:02
20THE MECH-MOTHER (Lady X)1:17
21Look To The Sky (English Ver.)1:15
22FATE (English Ver.)3:41
23NO MORE (English Ver.)4:00

Disc length 60:58

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