Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Chulip Original Soundtrack

チュウリップ original soundtrack

Release DateNov 22, 2002
ComposersHirofumi Taniguchi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byKing Records
PlatformsPlayStation 2


01Smooch Echude1:44
02Smooch of Divine Protection – As Much As Possible1:32
03Happy Shabby Life3:07
04The Foolish Smooch Troupe1:14
05Impenetrably Difficult0:06
06Happy Shabby Life ~Daytime Walking on Long Life Town~2:33
07Only I Know0:06
08Urth Middle School Teachers’s Strictness2:14
09Seductive Kiss Samadhi0:19
10Agonizing Jizo Ridge2:12
11From Tsuboyasu Selection – Goldfish’s Carp Story1:57
12Widower’s Serenade1:48
13Underground Resident’s Monologue1:11
14All of a Sudden0:04
15Michiru’s Counterattack0:18
16Troubles After Troubles0:04
17A Gentleman’s Teabreak2:18
19Happy Shabby Life ~Daytime Walking on Worldly Desire Temple~2:33
20Curse of the Bell Man0:16
21Small Finale0:09
22Girl’s Tea Party3:03
23Happy Shabby Life ~Daytime Walking on Scarecrow Field~3:19
24After That0:06
25Tachyon News Hotline!0:50
26Previous Intent0:07
27Heno Gymnastics First0:30
30Doubts of Love ~ Entrance of Love2:11
31Doubts of Love ~ Resistance of Love1:33
32Game Over0:07
33Urth Middle School Song1:05
34Goldfish’s Carp Story (Original Stereo Master)1:51
35Devil’s Puppet1:15
36Cross of Evil1:01
37Show Must Go On0:36
38Duel – Kawanakajima1:10
39Rare Animal Squad Extinctioner0:44
41Early Summer Story0:31
42Ghost Story Celebration0:47
44End Roll ~Our Company has Food Supply~3:01
45Happy Shabby Parade2:38
46Smooch of Divine Protection – As Much As Possible Reprise1:28

Disc length 54:56

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