Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Clock Tower 3 Original Soundtrack

クロックタワー3 オリジナル・サウンドトラック

Release DateJan 22, 2003
ComposersCozy Kubo, Norihito Kudo, Reiji Matsumoto, F. Chopin
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsPlayStation 2
ProductsClock Tower 3


01Night Walk1:04
02Night Walk-Piano1:55
03Clock Tower1:26
04Beyond the Door1:32
05Bonds of Sadness1:29
06To the Accursed Time0:51
07Fantasy Impromptu1:18
09Sledge Hammer0:32
10Impending Destruction2:05
11Alyssa’s Wit0:10
13The Time of Confrontation1:32
14May and Papa0:54
15The Old Book of Traditions1:08
16Streets of Despair2:49
17Wandering Spirits0:38
18Chance Meeting-Wandering Spirits0:17
19Blood Relatives0:41
21Tragedy of Bitter Tears0:19
22Mother’s Shawl-And Then1:29
23Clock Tower Rebirth1:58
24At the Graveyard0:59
25Axe of Darkness0:34
26White Clover1:30
27Hamilton’s Mansion0:48
28Sinking Memories1:26
29Axe Man0:39
31Creeping Shadow2:29
32Murals of Ceremony0:54
33Kidnapped Mother-Meet Again Dennis2:30
34Burroughs’ Portrait1:36
35The Old Castle’s Maze1:33
36Room of Anxiety1:38
37The Scissor Siblings0:33
38Hall of Loneliness1:24
39Scissor Dance0:58
40Raging Twin Blades0:35
41Cursed Tenacity1:39
42To the Final Battle1:32
43The Ceremony of Bonding0:45
44Raging Burroughs1:02
45The Tower Collapses! The End2:03
46Rooder’s Lineage1:20
47Alyssa’s Death1:19
48End Mix5:39

Disc length 62:24


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