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Parappa the Rapper 2 Original Soundtrack

Release DateOct 24, 2001
ComposersMasaya Matsuura, Yoshihisa Suzuki, De la Soul, Double
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byTOY’S FACTORY
PlatformsPlayStation 2PlayStation 4
ProductsPaRappa the Rapper 2


01Noodle Monster0:29
03Enter Parappa 20:48
04Say ”I Gotta Believe!”4:16
05Now Loading0:06
06Open The Door0:07
07Noodle Talk1:03
08Listen To Boxy Boy!1:15
09Enter Daydreams Part 20:10
10I Gotta Believe! Part 20:12
11Toasty Buns2:54
12Completion Of The Noodlizer…?1:29
13Opening Theme Of Romantic Love0:52
14This Is Pleasant0:21
15Romantic Love3:34
16Karate Funk2:21
17Channel War1:47
19Strategy Meeting1:59
20You Guys Go That Way0:11
21Sista Moosesha3:39
22Uproar At The Gym0:59
23Afro Forest0:27
24A Lovely Hairstyle0:11
25Hair Scare3:05
26Dad’s Secret2:42
27Food Court3:52
28Candy Attack2:49
29Noodles Can’t Be Beat3:22
30Come A Long Way4:09
31Always Love!5:03
32Boring Again2:00
33Say ”I Gotta Believe!” (Funkeyboard Mix)4:30

Disc length 65:50

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