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Shadow of the Colossus Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 08, 2018
ComposersKow Otani
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
PlatformsPlayStation 2, PlayStation 4
ProductsShadow of the Colossus


01. Prologue ~to the Ancient Land~
02. Prohibited Art
03. Commandment
04. Black Blood
05. Resurrection
06. Sign of the Colossus
07. Grotesque Figures ~Battle with the Colossus~
08. The Opened Way ~Battle with the Colossus~
09. The End of the Battle
10. Idol Collapse
11. Green Hills
12. A Violent Encounter ~Battle with the Colossus~
13. Revived Power ~Battle with the Colossus~
14. Lakeside
15. Silence ~Battle with the Colossus~
16. In Awe of the Power ~Battle with the Colossus~
17. Wander’s Death
18. The Farthest Land
19. Creeping Shadow ~Battle with the Colossus~
20. A Messenger From Behind ~Battle with the Colossus~
21. Counterattack ~Battle with the Colossus~
22. Sky Burial
23. A Closed Off City
24. Liberated Guardian ~Battle with the Colossus~
25. A Despair-filled Farewell ~Battle with the Colossus~
26. Prayer
27. Swift Horse
28. Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins ~Battle with the Colossus~
29. Sanctuary
30. Demise of the Ritual ~Battle with the Colossus~
31. A Pursuer
32. Premonition of Revival
33. Epilogue ~Those Who Remain~
34. Hope
35. The Sunlit Earth
36. Memories
37. Wilderness
38. Voice of the Earth
39. Marshlands
40. Anger
41. Final Battle
42. The Farthest Land (Reprise)
43. Medley; prayer ~ hope


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