Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

The Incredibles: The Video Game Score

Release DateOctober 31, 2004
ComposersMichael Giacchino, Chris Tilton, Tim Simonec
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byTHQ
PlatformsGameCubePlayStation 2XboxPC, Game Boy Advance
ProductsThe Incredibles


01. Municiberg
02. Elastigirl
03. A New Job
04. Clear Skies in Nomanisan
05. Liquid Hot Magma
06. Cave Infiltration
07. Endless Spawning Henchmen
08. Project Kronos
09. Go Dash Go!
10. Syndrome’s Evil Lair of Doom
11. Incrediball!
12. Invader Alarm
13. The Rocket Silo
14. Home Sweet Home
15. The Replacement Sitter
16. More Mimosa
17. Incredible Muzak
18. One Last Hoorah

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