Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Nights of Azure Original Sound Version

よるのないくに オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release DateMarch 29, 2016
ComposersKazuki Yanagawa, Daisuke Achiwa, Hayato Asano
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byKoei Tecmo
PlatformsPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC
ProductsNights of Azure


01. Overture (Opening Movie)
02. Eve on Piano (Main Menu)
03. Strange Footsteps
04. Lady Crimson (City at Night)
05. Desire (Heroic Determination)
06. Goliath Z (Blueblood Dragon)
07. Demon Form
08. Demon Form (Strong)
09. The Land Without Night (Town Map)
10. Cordial Patronage (Ende Hotel)
11. Rain Flower (Lilysse’s Theme)
12. How can I help you? (Shopping)
13. Phone Ring (Call from the Curia)
14. The Night, Servans, and I (Arnice’s Theme)
15. Dance of Regret
16. Malicious Roses (Old Count’s Garden)
17. Warrior’s Gate (Battle Arena)
18. Sad Vampire (Ver. MMXV) (Colosseum Battle)
19. Winner’s Road (Arena Results)
20. Lunatic Circus (Fender Wood Amusement Park)
21. Waltzing Gallop (Blueblood Cavalry Carousel)
22. Rusty Trail (Subway/Sewer)
23. Lunarabbit Form
24. Lunarabbit Form (Strong)
25. Are You Enjoying The Time of Ende? (Mission Results)

01. Masquerade (Ruswal Opera House)
02. Chris, the Masked Pureblood
03. Vivace (Blueblood Count Rosier)
04. Pensive Nocturne
05. Pledge (Altar of Jorth)
06. Invention
07. Shallow Grave (Cemetary)
08. Nocturnal Incident
09. Castle in Dusk (Cleveland Castle Ruins)
10. Phantom Form
11. Phantom Form (Strong)
12. Illegal Gimmick (Industrial Zone/Canal)
13. Double Starlight (Nighttime Picnic)
14. Vermilion (Church of the Defiant God)
15. Paja (Blueblood Maiden Milaya)
16. Slumber (Hiatus)
17. Rhapsodia (Shrine of Sorrow)
18. Dark Beast (Blueblood Dragon Mavelus)
19. Crossing Blades (Corinne’s Entrance)
20. The Blue Altar
21. Iron Knight Form
22. Iron Knight Form (Strong)
23. Indignation (Art Museum)
24. Corinne, the Holy Knight
25. Floral Crown (Corinne Boss)

01. Rain Flower (Piano)
02. Ordinary Days
03. The Night, Servans, and I (Simon’s Performance)
04. Before Dawn Breaks
05. Sad Vampire (Ver. MMXV) (Colosseum Battle) [No Intro]
06. Usual View, Usual You
07. Blurred Shadow
08. Lady Crimson (City at Night) [No Intro]
09. Anxiety
10. Bloody Blue (Wandering Arc)
11. Ludegent, the Dubious Pope
12. Ringing Depths of the Abyss
13. Our Feelings Within Your Heart (Final Boss Intro)
14. Who wishes for dawn? (Pope Ludegent Boss)
15. Final Farewell (Epilogue)
16. Regretto (Normal Ending Theme)
17. Nightmare Form
18. Nightmare Form (Strong)
19. Arietta (Chris’ Song)
20. The Girl of the Opera (Chris Boss)
21. Mistral, the Reptile Queen
22. Edge of Apocalypse (Mistral Boss)
23. Eve (True Ending Theme)

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