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Attack on Titan SOUNDTRACK

Release DateFebruary 18, 2016
ComposersShinichiro Nakamura, Yugen Umemura, Junya Ishiguro
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
PlatformsPCPlayStation 3PlayStation 4PlayStation VitaXbox One
ProductsAttack on TitanAttack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin


01Slaughter them all!!1:19
02A・o・T – Main Theme2:26
03Prepare to fly, or Die1:44
04Can I touch your arrrrrm!?1:11
05The Gigantic Titan2:55
06To live if you win2:21
07Fool on the wall1:13
08Beat’em with 1000 metal wings2:56
09Run away! Titan come hit!!0:54
10Between hope and despair2:33
11Face the approaching fear1:57
12Dance with titan’s2:21
13Outbrave the giant2:41
14Get rest when you can do it2:04
15You can not win unless fight2:51
16Sounds of lamentation died away2:19
17Dedicate all your hearts2:34
18Watch for a chance1:15
19Let end vicious impediment2:34
20Brave of tinies1:17
21Blast off! Surround! Shred!2:07
22To regain our desolated land2:16
23This world it’s …… Cruel1:07
24Survive a death march2:04
25Brilliant kick of the Blond2:23
27Blond’s Rage2:23
28And … to the outside world1:01
29Ender’s revenge, ever not2:01
30The great chase2:22
31Against the mega disastrous blow2:26
32A red muffler2:01
33Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!3:12
34Catastrophe never ends2:16
35The threat of the Bristle2:27

Disc length 73:30


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