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Blaze Union Original Sound Track

ブレイズ・ユニオン オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release DateJun 23, 2010
ComposersShigeki Hayashi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byColumbia Music Entertainment
PlatformsPlayStation Portable
ProductsBlaze Union: Story to Reach the Future


01The Story of One Day [Opening Music]2:01
02Blaze Union [Title Screen Music]0:41
03The Gathered [Demo Scene Music]1:07
04Unreasonable Devils1:12
05Signs of Strife1:11
06Now Sortie!1:12
07I Believe in These Bonds0:32
08Triumphant Return1:14
09The Smell of Peace0:48
10Firm Convictions0:39
11Sworn Enemy0:38
12Violated Tranquility0:43
13Tears Spilling Forth…0:34
14In the Midst of History0:59
15Sparks [Advance Theme]1:12
16Breakthrough Plan [Advance Theme]1:11
17Peril [Advance Theme]1:10
18Power For Whom [Advance Theme]1:15
19A Soldier Values Swiftness [Advance Theme]1:15
20At the Utmost Limits [Advance Theme]1:08
21Solid Fortress [Advance Theme]1:10
22The Time of Conclusion Has Come [Advance Theme]1:37
23Excited Relatives [Enemy Advance Theme]0:54
24Greedy Impetus [Enemy Advance Theme]0:53
25never [Enemy Advance Theme]0:49
26The Way Providence Shows [Enemy Advance Theme]0:42
27Angry Flames [Garlot’s Theme]1:41
28At Least Flowers for the Heart [Siskier’s Theme]1:36
29The Whereabouts of Wit [Jenon’s Theme]1:35
30Strong Resolution [Medoute’s Theme]1:38
31Immaturity Knows no Sin [Emilia’s Theme]1:30
32Reasons to Wield a Sword [Aegina’s Theme]1:25
33The Stage in His Hands [Nessiah’s Theme]1:40
34A Problem of Values [Cerica’s Theme]1:33
35Violent Bravery [Leon’s Theme]1:23
36Fluttering Battle Flags [Pandra’s Theme]1:27
37Night Rushes In [Zilva’s Theme]1:51
38War Cry [Baldus’s Theme]1:34
39Betting on Dignity [Rapis’s Theme]1:30
40The Top [Thortie’s Theme]1:36
41Everything Settled With This!? [Mizer’s Theme]1:34
42The Strongest Drunkard Legend [Sleip’s Theme]1:05
43Dance of the Witch [Pamela’s Theme]1:22
44NanTutTe [Byff’s Theme]1:18
45Strong, Fleeting and Vividly [Eater’s Theme]1:24
46Insatiable Searching Heart [Eudy’s Theme]1:24
47Victim of Avarice [Alanjame’s Theme]1:39
48The Astral Sword Gets Cold [Russel’s Theme]1:18
49The Ambition of a Monarch [Ordene’s Theme]1:41
50Infallible Intelligence [Baretreenu’s Theme]1:15
51Corrosion [Brongaa’s Theme]1:28
52Opposition Is Sin [Imperial Army Theme]1:17
53Harm [Rebel Army Theme]1:23
54An Offering to the Homeland [Royal Army Theme]1:17
55The Attraction of Evil [Divine Order Theme]1:32
56The Meaning This Power Held [Ending Theme Music]1:45
57A Story to Reach the Future [Ending Theme Music]1:37
58The Battle Continues… [Staff Roll Music]3:23
59Ephemeral Feelings [Bonus Track]2:15

Disc length 78:43

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