Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Blaze Union Advance Theme Collection

ブレイズ・ユニオン 進軍テーマコレクション

Release DateJul 06, 2011
ComposersShigeki Hayashi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySTING
PlatformsPlayStation Portable
ProductsBlaze Union: Story to Reach the Future


01. The Story of One Day [Opening Music]
02. Blaze Union [Title Screen Music]
03. Unreasonable Devils
04. Signs of Strife
05. Now Sortie!
06. I Believe in These Bonds
07. Triumphant Return
08. The Smell of Peace
09. Firm Convictions
10. Sworn Enemy
11. Violated Tranquility
12. Tears Spilling Forth…
13. In the Midst of History
14. Sparks [Advance Theme]
15. Breakthrough Plan [Advance Theme]
16. Peril [Advance Theme]
17. Power For Whom [Advance Theme]
18. A Soldier Values Swiftness [Advance Theme]
19. At the Utmost Limits [Advance Theme]
20. Solid Fortress [Advance Theme]
21. The Time of Conclusion Has Come [Advance Theme]
22. Excited Relatives [Enemy Advance Theme]
23. Greedy Impetus [Enemy Advance Theme]
24. never [Enemy Advance Theme]
25. The Way Providence Shows [Enemy Advance Theme]
26. The Meaning This Power Held [Ending Theme Music]
27. A Story to Reach the Future [Ending Theme Music]
28. The Battle Continues… [Staff Roll Music]
29. Ephemeral Feelings [Bonus Track]


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