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GROOVE ON FIGHT Original Soundtrack

Release DateJun 18, 1997
ComposersAtlus Sound Team (Dencyu)
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Sound Effect
Published byScitron / Pony Canyon
ProductsGroove on Fight


01Periodically (Opening Demo)0:30
02Start! (Press Start Screen)0:25
03Soul Selecter (Player Select Screen)0:59
04Red Bird (Steel Factory Stage)3:32
05World Step (Ruins Stage)4:28
06KAMIKAZE (Miyajima Stage)3:02
07Time is Tango (Wall Clock Stage)2:48
08M.A.D (Mad Machinery Stage)3:41
09Fly Away (High-Speed Fighter Plane Stage)3:04
10Incarnation (Noble Castle Stage)3:19
11God Of Death (Destroyed Castle Stage)2:41
12SOSHITE… (Ending Demo)0:41
13Groove On Fight (Staff Roll)1:38
14Ume & Tane (Leader’s Deciding Match! Oume & Otane Appear)0:21
15Who Are You? (The Goketsuji-Crusher Gartheimer Appears)0:25
16I’m Gartheimer (Match! Gartheimer)0:33
17Poor Thing Man (The True Enemy Bristol Appears)0:25
18Bad Partner (Confrontation! Leader VS Partner)0:24
19Revive (Resurrected Bristol)0:24
20Absorption (Partner Absorption)0:20
21Gate Of Time (Fated Solis towards the Other Side of Space-Time)0:27
22Oh! Baby (Name Entry Screen)0:25
23We Are Stronger (Winner Screen)0:22
24GO! GO! GO! (Midway Participation ME)0:07
25Larry Light0:54
26Chris Wayne0:53
27Popura Hananokoji1:01
28Remi Otogiri0:22
29Solis R80000:44
30Max Ax Dax (M.A.D)1:12
31Sujiroku Tenjinbashi1:00
32Hizumi Yukinoue0:58
33Oume Goketsuji & Otane Goketsuji1:13
35Rudolf Gartheimer1:00
36Damian Shade0:06
37Bristol Weller Before Transformation0:38
38Bristol Weller After Transformation0:46
39S.E. Collection9:00

Disc length 55:42

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