Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

DuckTales: Remastered Official Game Soundtrack

Release DateApr 29, 2014
ComposersHiroshige Tonomura, Jake Kaufman, Mark Mueller
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWalt Disney Records
PlatformsPlayStation 3Xbox 360Wii UPCMobile Phone


01Title Theme0:55
02Trouble in Duckburg0:49
03Money Bin4:11
05Scrooge’s Office2:50
06I’ll Be a Roast Duck1:10
07The Amazon4:22
09Well Bless Me Bagpipes2:27
10African Mines4:44
11The Himalayas3:38
12The Moon3:37
13I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This2:55
14Boss Battle2:56
15Mount Vesuvius3:50
16Dracula Duck2:49
17The Dime Chase1:51
18Game Over0:05
19Gyro’s Hidden Stage2:12
20Or Rewrite History0:06
22Stage Complete0:06
23Magic Coin0:24
24The Richest Duck in the World0:55
25DuckTales Theme and Credit Medley3:05
26The Moon (Piano Arrangement)3:28
27Title Theme (8-bit Version)1:55
28Trouble in Duckburg (8-bit Version)0:47
29Money Bin (8-bit Version)2:17
30Quack-a-rooney (8-bit Version)2:19
31Scrooge’s Office (8-bit Version)0:40
32The Amazon (8-bit Version)1:50
33Transylvania (8-bit Version)1:55
34Well Bless Me Bagpipes (8-bit Version)1:45
35African Mines (8-bit Version)2:00
36The Himalayas (8-bit Version)1:40
37The Moon (8-bit Version)2:05
38I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This (8-bit Version)2:24
39Boss Battle (8-bit Version)1:00
40Mount Vesuvius (8-bit Version)3:26
41The Dime Chase (8-bit Version)1:11
42Game Over (8-bit Version)0:04
43Gyro’s Hidden Stage (8-bit Version)0:55
44Or Rewrite History (8-bit Version)0:04
45Stage Complete (8-bit Version)0:04
46Magic Coin (8-bit Version)0:40
47The Richest Duck in the World (8-bit Version)0:51

Disc length 89:52

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