Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Beyond Good & Evil Original Soundtrack

Release Date2003
ComposersChristophe Héral
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byUbisoft
PlatformsPlayStation 2PCXboxGameCubeXbox 360PlayStation 3
ProductsBeyond Good & Evil


01In the beginning2:27
02Dancing with Domz4:36
03Home sweet home2:51
04Hyllian suite4:37
05Mammago’s garage2:37
06Isle de Noir4:25
07Mineshaft madness2:47
08Say cheese, fellas1:59
09Akuda House Propaganda2:42
10Ancient chinese secrets3:00
11Don’t fear the reaper6:39
12Fear the reaper2:02
13Fun and Mini-Games1:54
14Funky Bar 1002:43
15When Domz attack1:28
16Slaughterhouse scramble2:14
17Sneaky Jade suite3:14
18Organic beauty1:55
19Violent Jade suite5:23
20Heart of darkness4:36
21Metal Gear Domz2:39
22Something completely different1:52
23Behind enemy lines3:23
24Free your mind1:21
25Thoughtful reflections3:04
26Enfants disparus2:34
27Above and beyond5:44
28Unacceptable losses2:08
29In hot pursuit1:17
30Sins of the father3:50

Disc length 93:54


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