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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Original Soundtrack

Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten Original Soundtrack
逆転裁判 蘇る逆転 オリジナル・サウンドトラック

Release DateNov 30, 2005
ComposersMasakazu Sugimori, Akemi Kimura
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsGame Boy AdvanceNintendo DSPCNintendo WiiMobile PhoneNintendo 3DS
ProductsPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


01Turnabout Courtroom – Prologue0:40
02Courtroom Lobby ~The First Prelude1:17
03Turnabout Courtroom – Trial1:48
04Questioning ~Moderato 20011:44
05Logic and Trick2:32
06Ryuichi Naruhodo ~Objection! 20011:13
07Questioning ~Allegro 20012:06
08Pressing Pursuit ~Cornered1:36
09Telling the Truth 20011:19
11Pressing Pursuit ~Cornered / Variation1:30
12Jingle ~It Can’t End Here0:05
13Investigation ~Opening 20011:50
14Mayoi Ayasato ~Turnabout Sisters’ Theme 20012:41
15Detention Center ~The Guards’ Elegy1:49
16Keisuke Itonokogiri ~Detective Itonoko2:01
17Recollection ~Brokenhearted Mayoi2:34
18Soranosuke Hoshikage ~Aging, Regret, Repay1:37
19Auspicious People1:08
20Recollection ~The Light and Dark Side of the Film Studio1:20
21Oo-edo Soldier Tonosaman2:00
22Recollection ~DL6 Incident2:03
23Investigation ~Core 20011:58
24Recollection ~Grade School Trial1:13
25Victory! ~The First Victory1:52
26Turnabout Courtroom – End2:18
27Ballad of the Turnabout Sisters1:53
28Turnabout Revival – Prologue0:35
29Recollection ~SL9 Incident1:38
30Akane Houzuki ~Turnabout Sisters Theme 20051:49
31Taiho-kun ~I Want to Protect1:20
32Kyosuke Zaimon ~Detective From the Wild West1:44
33Kaiji Ganto ~Does Everyone Want to Swim?2:04
34Turnabout Revival – End4:34

Disc length 59:23

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