Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateOct 05, 2018
ComposersThe Flight (Joe Henson, Alexis Smith), Mike Georgiades, Jesper Kyd
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byUbisoft Music
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsAssassin’s Creed Odyssey


01Legend of the Eagle Bearer (Main Theme) [feat. Mike Georgiades]3:53
02The 3004:22
03Enter the Animus1:51
04Odyssey (Greek version) [feat. Mike Georgiades & Fanny Perrier-Rochas]3:09
05Phoibe the Orphan (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:09
06Kephallonia Island (feat. Mike Georgiades)2:07
07Markos (feat. Mike Georgiades)0:52
08Revenge of the Wolves2:12
09Barnabas (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:16
10Pirates, Thugs, and Bandits (feat. Mike Georgiades)4:33
11Assassin’s Creed2:54
12Conflict on the Seas3:04
13The Shores of Megaris (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:37
14Athenian Fighters (feat. Mike Georgiades)3:59
15Korinth (feat. Mike Georgiades)0:58
16On the Battlefield4:56
17Things Fall Apart2:57
18Nikolaos’s Fate1:46
19The Secret Land of Apollo1:49
20Conversations (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:42
21Guards of the Cult3:27
22Delphi (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:06
23The Cult of Kosmos4:15
24Leonidas Fallen2:20
25Legendary Heirloom (feat. Mike Georgiades)2:07
26The Hills of Attika (feat. Mike Georgiades)2:35
27Sokrates (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:15
28Naxos Island (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:30
30Myrrine (feat. Mike Georgiades)2:31
31Ariadnes’s Fate (feat. Mike Georgiades)0:57
32Forgotten Isle1:58
33One-Eyed Monster3:50
34The Messara Plain (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:51
35Kydonia (feat. Mike Georgiades)0:59
37The Sacred Land of Artemis (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:30
38Sparta (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:04
39A Spartan Fight (feat. Mike Georgiades)3:54
40Brasidas (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:14
41Valley of the Two Kings (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:34
42Legendary Animals2:43
43Ash Hills1:39
44Labyrinth of Lost Souls1:40
45The Minotaur3:26
47Athens, Birthplace of Democracy (feat. Mike Georgiades)1:04
48Phoibe’s Fate1:12
49Pandora’s Cove1:54
50Petrified Temple1:53
53Sanctuary of Apollo (feat. Mike Georgiades)0:59
54A Happy Family (feat. Mike Georgiades)4:39
55Passing the Torch1:43
56Odyssey (Modern Version) [feat. Emma Rohan]4:01

Disc length 127:16

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