Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Assassin's Creed III The Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateOct 02, 2015
ComposersLorne Balfe, Max Aruj, Dave Fleming, Andrew Kawczynski, Jasha Klebe, Steve Mazzaro
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySumthing Else
PlatformsPlayStation 3Xbox 360Nintendo Wii UPCPlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch
ProductsAssassin’s Creed III


01Assassin’s Creed III Main Theme3:06
02An Uncertain Present2:10
03Escape in Style2:15
04Welcome to Boston2:34
05Freedom Fighter2:16
06A Bitter Truth1:36
07Through the Frontier3:01
08Connor’s Life4:56
09Trouble in Town2:25
12The Battle of Breed’s Hill2:18
13Speck of Dust2:52
14Modern Assassin3:05
15Desmond’s Destiny1:38
16The Aquila2:18
17Fight Club2:05
18Eye of the Storm2:07
19Temple Secrets1:41
20Beer and Friends1:10
21Battle at Sea4:01
22Breaching the Walls3:32
23Wild Instincts2:44
24What Came Before4:11
25Assassin’s Creed III Main Theme Variation1:33

Disc length 63:41


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