Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Castlevania Best 2

Akumajo Dracula Best 2

Release DateDec 05, 1991
ComposersKonami Kukeiha Club (Masanori Adachi, Taro Kudo, Shigeru Fukutake, Hidehiro Funauchi, Norio Hanzawa)
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byKonami (distributed by King Record Co., Ltd.)
PlatformsNintendo Game BoySNES (Super Famicom)
ProductsSuper Castlevania IV, Castlevania: The Adventure, Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge


01Akumajo Dracula (Title including Password)1:13
02Dracula’s Theme (Opening Demo)2:11
03Prologue (Stage 1-1 BGM)0:43
04Simon Belmont’s Theme (Stage 1-2 BGM)3:42
05Forest of Evil Spirits (Stage 2 BGM)1:59
06Limestone Cavern ~ Waterfall ~ Submerged City (Stage 3 BGM)8:18
07The Trick Manor (Stage 4 BGM)3:41
08Boss Theme (Boss 1 BGM)1:14
09Stage Clear (Stage Clear)0:09
10Stage Map A (Stage Map A)0:17
11Ascension to the Castle (Stage 5 BGM)2:18
12Knight Corridor ~ Banquet Hall (Stage 6 BGM)3:43
13Library – Collection Space (Stage 7 BGM)1:41
14Cellar (Stage 8 BGM)2:20
15Stage Map B (Stage Map B)0:13
16Treasure Room (Stage 9 BGM)3:13
17Boss Theme 2 (Boss BGM 2)1:50
18Stage Map C (Stage Map C)0:18
19Bloody Tears (Stage 10 Clock Tower BGM)2:07
20Stage Map D (Stage Map D)0:15
21Vampire Killer (Stage 10 Dracula’s Tower 1 BGM)1:09
22Beginning (Stage 10 Dracula’s Tower 2 BGM)1:56
23The Attendants’ Rooms (Stage 11 BGM)1:33
24Dracula’s Room (Final Stage BGM)2:49
25Dracula’s Death (Dying Theme)0:39
26Ending Theme (Ending)2:31
27Secret Room (Bonus BGM)1:28
28Game Over (Game Over)0:14

Disc length 53:44

01Start BGM (Start BGM)0:07
02Battle of the Holly (Stage 1 BGM)1:57
03Kill! Kill! Kill! (Stage 1~3 Common Boss BGM)0:38
04Stage Clear (Stage Clear)0:06
05Darkness (Stage 2 BGM)1:24
06Death Fair (Stage 3 BGM)1:25
07Revenge (Stage 4 BGM)1:27
08Evil Devil (Final Boss BGM)1:09
09Gate to Hell (Before the Final Boss BGM)0:33
10Game Over (Game Over)0:06
11Theme from “The Legend of Dracura” (Ending Demo BGM)1:24
12Reprise (Demo After Ending BGM)0:41
13Opening (Opening BGM)1:03
14Start (Start Sound Effect)0:05
15Castle (Password BGM)1:01
16Journey to Chaos (Select BGM)0:24
17New Messiah (Glass Castle BGM)2:56
18Road of Enemy #1 (Before Boss BGM)1:30
19Evil Gods (Boss BGM)1:26
20Stage Clear (Stage Clear)0:05
21Game Over (Game Over)0:06
22Ripe Seeds (Plant Castle BGM)2:28
23Phyco Warror (Rock Castle BGM)3:06
24Praying Hands (Cloud Castle BGM)3:11
25Castle #2 (Stage Map BGM)0:40
26Original Sin (Dracula’s Castle <First Half> BGM)2:32
27Passpied (Dracula’s Castle <Second Half> BGM)1:12
28Soleiyu’s Room (Soleiyu’s Room BGM)0:35
29Faith (Soleiyu Demo BGM)0:47
30Chromatische Phantasie (Soleiyu Boss BGM)2:07
31Road of Enemy #2 (Before the Final Boss BGM)0:36
32Sons of Satan (Final Boss BGM)2:08
33All Clear (All Stage Clear BGM)0:08
34Union (Ending BGM)2:51
35The End of the Day (Staff Roll BGM)3:01

Disc length 44:55

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