Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Sid Meier's Civilization 25th Anniversary Soundtrack

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Original Soundtrack from the Video Game)

Release DateOct 20, 2016
ComposersGeoff Knorr, Roland Rizzo, Stephen Foster, Ernesto Nazareth, Sayed Darwish, Ivan Larionov, Francisco Tárrega
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Vocal
Published by2K (distributed by Valve)
PlatformsPCMobile PhoneNintendo Switch
ProductsCivilization VI


01America – The Ancient Era2:53
02America – The Medieval Era3:13
03America – The Industrial Era4:40
04America – The Atomic Era3:49
05Arabia – The Ancient Era2:39
06Arabia – The Medieval Era3:27
07Arabia – The Industrial Era4:00
08Arabia – The Atomic Era3:51
09Aztec – The Ancient Era1:22
10Aztec – The Medieval Era2:44
11Aztec – The Industrial Era3:34
12Aztec – The Atomic Era3:30
13Brazil – The Ancient Era2:44
14Brazil – The Medieval Era4:05
15Brazil – The Industrial Era3:53
16Brazil – The Atomic Era3:34
17China – The Ancient Era1:56
18China – The Medieval Era3:36
19China – The Industrial Era3:35
20China – The Atomic Era3:19
21Egypt – The Ancient Era2:12
22Egypt – The Medieval Era3:11
23Egypt – The Industrial Era6:02
24Egypt – The Atomic Era by5:37
25England – The Ancient Era1:59
26England – The Medieval Era4:09
27England – The Industrial Era3:59
28England – The Atomic Era3:42
29France – The Ancient Era3:07
30France – The Medieval Era3:14
31France – The Industrial Era3:32
32France – The Atomic Era3:28
33Germany – The Ancient Era1:37
34Germany – The Medieval Era3:47
35Germany – The Industrial Era4:01
36Germany – The Atomic Era3:59
37Greece – The Ancient Era1:22
38Greece – The Medieval Era3:13
39Greece – The Industrial Era4:18
40Greece – The Atomic Era4:00
41India – The Ancient Era2:05
42India – The Medieval Era3:25
43India – The Industrial Era4:52
44India – The Atomic Era4:38
45Japan – The Ancient Era2:44
46Japan – The Medieval Era4:05
47Japan – The Industrial Era3:43
48Japan – The Atomic Era3:40
49Kongo – The Ancient Era1:57
50Kongo – The Medieval Era3:43
51Kongo – The Industrial Era3:09
52Kongo – The Atomic Era3:05
53Norway – The Ancient Era1:21
54Norway – The Medieval Era3:09
55Norway – The Industrial Era3:31
56Norway – The Atomic Era3:53
57Rome – The Ancient Era2:01
58Rome – The Medieval Era3:39
59Rome – The Industrial Era5:39
60Rome – The Atomic Era4:40
61Russia – The Ancient Era2:19
62Russia – The Medieval Era3:57
63Russia – The Industrial Era4:34
64Russia – The Atomic Era4:18
65Scythia – The Ancient Era1:30
66Scythia – The Medieval Era3:56
67Scythia – The Industrial Era4:23
68Scythia – The Atomic Era4:11
69Spain – The Ancient Era1:17
70Spain – The Medieval Era3:49
71Spain – The Industrial Era4:33
72Spain – The Atomic Era4:13
73Sumeria – The Ancient Era2:34
74Sumeria – The Medieval Era3:27
75Sumeria – The Industrial Era3:17
76Sumeria – The Atomic Era3:05

Disc length 261:15

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