Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Dead or Alive 3 Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 22, 2002
ComposersMakoto Hosoi, Takafumi Inamori, Ryo Koike, Hiro Nagasawa, RANN, Yoshikazu Suou, Makoto Mitsui, Masahiko Hagio
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWAKE UP
ProductsDead or Alive 3


01X-ray Reflecting Mirror [Advertise Demo]2:29
02Deep Impact [Character Select]1:23
03Eternity [Kasumi]3:25
04The Moon Leads Her To… [Kasumi Ending]1:21
05It’s to Show [Hitomi]3:29
06Start In Life [Hitomi Ending]1:16
07True Beauty [Tina]3:23
08War Zone [Tina Ending]1:16
09Mayflower [Leifang]3:17
10Reaction [Leifang Ending]1:09
11Monster [Christie]3:22
12Eclipse [Christie Ending]1:03
13Blood Tie [Helena]3:10
14Caribbean Blue [Helena Ending]1:27
15Prismatic Butterfly [Ayane]3:19
16Firelight Holly [Ayane Ending]1:10
17Conditioning [Sparring]3:11

Disc length 39:10

01X-ray [TGS/E3]4:13
02Reincarnate [Hayate]3:15
03Goin’ For Broke [Hayate Ending]1:03
04Power Shovel [Bass]3:14
05Route X [Bass Ending 1]0:46
06Sunny Side [Bass Ending 2]1:02
07I don’t believe it! [Zack]3:25
08Magic In The Night [Zack Ending]1:00
09Red Moon [Leon]3:01
10I’ll Be There For You [Leon Ending]1:23
11Knifepoint [Bayman]3:38
12Killers [Bayman Ending]1:26
13Trip [Jann Lee]3:04
14Son Of The Dragon [Jann Lee Ending]1:04
15Four Thousand [Gen-fu]2:56
16Gen-fu’s Treasure [Gen-fu Ending]1:29
17Cracker [Brad]3:19
18Perpetual Motion [Brad Ending]1:34
19Look Ahead [Hayabusa]2:53
20Hunting Time [Hayabusa Ending]1:12
21Karma [Genra(Omega)]3:38
22A Wind [Name Entry]1:00
23Stand Up [Bonus Track]1:00

Disc length 50:35

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