Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Devil May Cry 4 Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 27, 2008
ComposersTetsuya Shibata, Kento Hasegawa, Masami Ueda, Shusaku Uchiyama, Kota Suzuki, Akihiko Narita, Rei Kondoh, CHAMY.Ishi, Shinichiro Sato
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsMobile PhonePlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360Xbox One
ProductsDevil May Cry 4


01Devil May Cry 4 Title (Title Screen)0:58
02Out of Darkness (Prologue)3:13
03Genocide (Opening)4:53
04Mission Start 1 (Mission Start 1)1:59
05The Crimson Man -with Gun and Sword-0:38
06Blackened Angel (Battle with Dante 1)4:59
07The Crimson Man -Right Arm of the Devil-1:16
08The Crimson Man -Those Alike-1:09
09The Crimson Man -Left with Mysteries-1:55
10Mission Clear (Mission Clear)1:08
11The Hell Gate -Demonic Invasion-3:12
12Stage I (Opera House Front)1:45
13The Time Has Come (Generic Nero Battle)3:51
14Stage II (Indoors ~ Warehouse)1:36
15Stage III (Outdoors ~ Urban Areas 1)2:14
16Stage IV (Church)3:01
17The idol of the Time and Space (The Idol of Time and Space)3:47
18Stage V (Cave)2:27
19Berial Appears1:41
20Sworn Through Swords (Battle with Berial)3:16
21Game Over (Game Over)1:09
22Berial Retreats0:26
23Stage VI (Snowy Mountains)1:26
24The Voluptuous Gloria (The Voluptuous Gloria)2:50
25Stage VII (Fortuna Castle)3:03
26Baroque and Beats (Battle with Bianco Angelo)5:20
27Bianco Angelo Collapses0:30
28Secret Mission (Secret Mission)1:25
29The Blizzard Dance0:39
30Temptation (Battle with Bael’s Tentacle)4:34
31Bael Appears0:30
32Frozen Frog (Battle with Bael)3:19
33Bael is Defeated1:05

Disc length 75:14

01The Return of the King (The Return of the King)2:19
02Stage VIII (Underground Research Facility)2:04
03Devil Sword 12:00
04Irregularity Attacks (Battle with Agnus)3:57
05Devil Sword 2 -awaken-5:41
06To The Forest (To the Forest)0:47
07Conspiracy (Conspiracy)2:26
08Stage IX (Mitis Forest)2:12
09Chimera Seeds Appear ~ Battle0:35
10Imminence (Dragon of the Woodlands)1:12
11Echidna Appears1:10
12The Viper (Battle with Echidna)5:07
13Echidna Retreats0:35
14Assault Appears ~ Battle0:29
15Stage X (Lost Forest)4:06
16Loyal Credo1:29
17Swipe of Sword (Battle with Credo)4:01
18Credo is Defeated ~ Kyrie’s Suffering2:42
19Alto Angelo Appears ~ Battle1:10
20Stage XI (The Order of the Sword Headquarters)2:29
21Agnus Once More0:30
22Science will never die (Battle with Angelo Agnus)4:19
23Just Out Of Reach (The Unreachable Hands)2:00
24Faust Appears ~ Battle0:53
25Dante’s Party Crashing (Dante Pay’s an Unannounced Visit)1:10
26Forza del Destino (Battle with Dante 2)3:59
27The Dying Wish (The Family’s Dying Wish)2:33
28Stage XII (God Construction Site)2:03
29Confrontation with the Pope 11:39
30Chorus in the Darkness (Battle with the Pope 1)3:57
31The End3:22

Disc length 72:56

01Nero and Kyrie (Interior of the Womb)1:22
02God is Activated ~ A Proud Death3:01
03Lock and Load -Blackened Angel mix- (Generic Dante Battle)4:34
04The Gate is Opened (Creation)2:46
05Mission Start 2 (Mission Start 2)1:30
06Mega Scarecrow Appears ~ Battle0:36
07Time Attack (Escape from the Order of the Sword Headquarters)1:42
08Destruction of the Order of the Sword Headquarters0:22
09The Beginning -Lady’s Request- (Lady’s Request)1:41
10Echidna Once More ~ Battle1:33
11Echidna is Defeated ~ Steel Shock Gilgamesh1:03
12Dagon Appears ~ Battle1:29
13Dagon is Defeated ~ Calamity Weapon Pandora1:47
14Basilisk Appears ~ Battle0:38
15Berial Once More ~ Battle0:59
16Berial is Defeated ~ Inexhaustible Sword Lucifer1:43
17Stage XIII (Outdoors ~ Urban Areas 2)2:09
18Agnus for the Third Time 1 ~ Battle2:26
19Agnus for the Third Time 2 -And the rest is silence-1:23
20Demon Sword Recovery0:34
21Destruction of the Hell Gate0:44
22Those Who Look Down Upon God1:37
23Power of Destroyer (Battle with God 1)4:27
24Divine Power (The Power of God)0:25
25Power of Destroyer -Limit Break mix- (Battle with God 2)4:35
26The Penetrating Voice (May this Voice be Heard)1:49
27Send in the New Star (A Change in Leading Parts)0:54
28To the Stairs of Tribulation0:20
29Stage XIV (Inside of God)2:45
30The Recital (Recital)0:30
31Confrontation with the Pope 21:35
32The Vicious Flames (Battle with the Pope 2)4:06
33Sparda’s Dying Wish ~ Kyrie’s Rescue1:42
34To the Final Battle1:30
35The Last Blow (Final Battle with God)2:14
36The Real Reason -This Right Arm is for that Purpose-0:57
37La Vita Nuova -Rebirth-2:47
38Shall Never Surrender (Staff Roll)4:58
39Standard Daytime -Daily Life-1:52
40Total Result (Total Result)1:20

Disc length 74:25

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