Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest Scene-Separated I~IX

交響組曲「ドラゴンクエスト」場面別 I~IX
Koukyou Kumikyoku Dragon Quest Bamenbetsu I~IX

Release DateOct 05, 2011
ComposersKoichi Sugiyama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySUGI
PlatformsNES (Famicom), Nintendo DS, SNES (Super Famicom), PlayStation, PlayStation 2
ProductsDragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies


01Overture March3:56
02Dragonquest March1:46
07Overture VII1:58
09Overture IX2:04
10Only Lonely Boy2:41
11Pastoral ~ Catastrophe3:09
13Morning in Eden1:20
14Travelling with Wagon2:00
15Destiny ~ Prologue to Tragedy3:42

Disc length 36:21

01Château Ladutorm3:27
05The Unknown Castle3:36
06Castle Trumpeter2:29
08At the Palace3:21
10Echo of Horns throughout the Castle1:31
11Majestic Castle ~ Gavotte de Château ~ Majestic Castle3:13
12Oboe Melody in the Castle3:37

Disc length 36:23

03Around the World7:02
04Rolling Dice2:01
05In a Town8:04
06Melody in an Ancient Town ~ Toward the Horizon ~ Casino ~ Lively Town ~ Melody in an Ancient Town7:43
07Sad Village ~ Mysterious Disappearance ~ Disturbed Village3:31
08In the Town ~ Happy Humming ~ Inviting Village ~ Folk Dance ~ In the Town7:10
09Strolling in the Town7:47
10Heavenly Village2:36
11Peaceful Town ~ Quiet Village ~ Alchemy pot5:39
13Beckoning ~ Dream Vision of our Town ~ Tavern Polka ~ Beckoning5:51
14Village Bathed in Light ~ Village in Darkness4:31

Disc length 72:12

01Unknown World2:18
02Endless World5:45
05Homeland ~ Wagon Wheel’s March5:57
07Through the Fields ~ Wandering through the Silence ~ Another World5:13
08Memories of a Lost World ~ Moving through the Present4:29
09Strange World ~ Marching through the Fields4:25
10Poet’s World2:04
11Hills and Meadows ~ Together in the Fields ~ Soaring in the Sky ~ Hills and Meadows5:50
12Sandy’s Theme ~ Sandy’s Tears ~ Sandy’s Theme2:50
13Distant Memories2:50
14Over the Sorrow ~ Hurry! We are in Danger5:18
15Reminiscence ~ Go Topo Go!!3:04

Disc length 67:15

02Fright in Dungeon ~ Devil’s Tower3:48
03Dungeon ~ Tower ~ The Phantom Ship5:34
04Zoma’s Castle3:16
05Frightening Dungeons ~ Cursed Towers5:12
06Monsters in the Dungeon ~ Tower of Death ~ Dark World ~ Monsters in the Dungeon6:25
07Evil World ~ Satan’s Castle ~ Frightening Dungeon ~ Satan’s Castle4:14
08Devil’s Tower1:40
09Dungeons ~ Last Dungeon ~ Dungeons5:41
10Shadow of Death5:38
11Screams from the Tower of Monsters4:42
12Cold and Gloomy ~ In the Dungeon Depths3:24
13Mysterious Tower4:31
14Stalked by Fear1:29
15Ruins of Darkness1:56
16Nearing our Destiny3:42
17Gloomy Cavern ~ Dungeon Waltz ~ Atmosphere of Death5:29
18Pathway to Good Fortune ~ Cathedral of Emptiness4:18

Disc length 74:21

02Holy Shrine1:48
03Requiem ~ Small Shrine2:54
04Elegy ~ Mysterious Shrine5:07
05Noble Requiem ~ Saint5:22
06Ocarina ~ The Saint ~ Ocarina2:01
07Sphinx ~ Mysterious Sanctuary3:49
08Healing Power of the Psalms ~ Friar’s Determination4:09
10Angelic Land5:08
11Gathering Place ~ Altar of Change ~ Sadness of the Heart6:18
12Melody of Love3:09
13Make Me Feel Sad2:31
15Days of Sadness4:12
16To My Loved One3:16
17Sacrifice Dance2:56
18With Sadness in Heart ~ A Safe Haven4:38

Disc length 71:51

01Beyond the Waves2:16
03Heavenly Flight2:53
04Balloon’s Flight4:28
05Sea Breeze4:41
06Magic Carpet ~ The Ocean7:19
07Ocean Waves5:09
08Flying Bed2:08
09Pegasus ~ Saint’s Wreath5:23
10Aboard Ship ~ Pirates of the Sea3:53
11Magic Carpet3:19
12Over the Horizon3:43
13Memories of an Ancient Ocean4:17

Disc length 52:19

02King Dragon3:09
03Deathfight ~ Dead or Alive3:57
04Gruelling Fight4:08
05Fighting Spirit5:50
06Tough Enemy3:25
07Battle for the Glory7:59
08Violent Enemies ~ Almighty Boss Devil is Challenged5:55

Disc length 41:13

01Brave Fight6:19
03Demon Combat5:23
04Fighting Spirit ~ World of the Strong5:46
05Orgo Demila3:41
06War Cry ~ Defeat the Enemy3:47
07Dormaguez ~ Great Battle in the Vast Sky7:10
08Build-up to Victory ~ Confused Ambitions5:17
09Final Battle4:16

Disc length 46:12

02My Road My Journey4:19
03Into the Legend3:08
05Bridal Waltz3:37
06Eternal Lullaby6:54
07Triumphal Return ~ Epilogue6:29
08Sky, Ocean and Earth6:21
09Journey to the Star-Filled Skies ~ Defender of the Star-Filled Skies6:39
10Inn (I)0:07
12Level Up0:08
13Important Item Discovery0:08
16Church (Healing)0:10
17Sleep Flute (Fairy Flute)0:16
18Lora’s Love0:15
19Rainbow Staff (Rainbow Harp)0:13
20Rainbow Bridge (Silver Harp)0:19
21Exit! 10:07
23Comrade (Encounter)0:18
24Lottery Success0:12
25Exit! 20:08
26Echoing Flute0:20
27Rubiss Charm (Shrine)0:41
28Save (Adventure Write)0:12
30Medium Success0:15
31Big Success0:28
32Cursed by the Lorelei Rock0:13
33Curse Cured0:16
34Memories of Love0:16
35Bar Boogie-Woogie1:26
36Six Orbs 10:19
37Six Orbs 20:39
38Morning in Alefgard0:16
39Monster Harp0:09
40Sleeping Village0:56
41Awakened (Miracle)0:14
42Flute of Uncovering0:16
43Holy Embers0:27
44Padequia Seed0:09
45Disease Restoration0:12
46Ending First Chapter0:17
47Ending Second Chapter0:11
48Ending Third Chapter0:13
49Ending Fourth Chapter0:23
50Evil Motif (V)0:10
51Falling Light (Blooming Flower)0:35
52Fairy Horn0:28
53Spring Breeze Flute0:56
54Slime Race1:10
55Evil Motif (VI)0:10
56Ocarina of Miracles0:15
57Mystery Harp0:16
58Roll Appearance0:10
60Listen to My Song0:16
61Mogura’s Recital0:17
63Monsters Appear0:06

Disc length 63:23

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